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Fostering the Rainbow Way

Rainbow is a long established independent fostering agency. We have a breadth of experience with a team of professionals dedicated to achieving successful outcomes for the children and young persons we place. Our commitment to our carers is second to none as we offer training with ongoing professional support on a 24 hour basis. The training is regular, interesting and conducted in a friendly nurturing environment with no exams! This provides the foundation for our carers to have the confidence to enable the youngsters in their care to really thrive.rainbow fostering agency

We pride ourselves on thinking we are a ‘family’ providing the very best care and support to all our carers and children. The law is that a foster carer may only be approved to foster with one agency or local authority.

This means choosing the right agency is so important. We start with an invitation to you recognising you are considering opening your heart and home to a child/young person in need. And there are over 8000 new foster families needed this year alone. Give us a call as we’d be keen to talk, answer your questions and arrange a visit with you.

Rainbow Fostering Services in london recruit, assess and approve people from diverse backgrounds and ethnic groups who have a desire to offer substitute care to children and young people who are looked after by the local authority. Our aim is to provide effective services that will enhance the life chances and opportunities of children and young people. These aims are achieved by working in partnership with local authorities, parents, children/young people and allied professionals in the social care field.

Our objectives

We recruit foster parents who are able to give children the best possible care.

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We work in partnership with local authorities, voluntary agencies and other bodies to ensure the child’s needs are met. Our foster parents are supported in their role through regular visits and an ongoing training programme to enable them to develop skills in caring and values.

Our Philosophy

We aim to attract people from diverse backgrounds, enabling us to provide a positive experience for children and young people from all ethnic and cultural groups.

We are an independent fostering agency, which was founded in 1998 by the Director who wanted to provide support to foster carers to enable them to provide a consistent level of care for children and young people who could not live with their birth parents. The intention was to attract people from diverse backgrounds who could offer a positive experience to children and young people from all ethnic and cultural groups. Rainbow Fostering works in partnership with local authorities to provide approved foster parents. We provide placements on an emergency, short or long term basis. In some instances children and young people may have serious problems due to child abuse and neglect, but generally children are received into care for a variety of reasons. Children and young people who have had traumatic experiences are likely to make considerable demands on foster carers. However the level of training and support offered by Rainbow Fostering enables foster carers to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to cope.


"My link worker has been very helpful, she is easy to talk to and reliable."

"I enjoy being a foster carer, I find it very fulfilling."

"The reward has been from my foster child seeing her blossom and flourish."