Assessment Process

You will then, as part of the overall assessment, be invited to attend the “Skills to Foster” training course. This is a broad based three day course outlining the main tasks and considerations relating to fostering. The aim is to enhance your understanding and give you the opportunity to think through all the issues. Your social worker will then carry out a competency based assessment called the Form F Assessment. All agencies require the completion of a Form F. This will go into considerable detail regarding your background and motivations to foster. It is intrusive, but rightly so, since the welfare of a child or young person is always paramount. We will be looking for evidence of your abilities to become approved foster carers able to meet the needs of vulnerable young persons.

The process will also include a number of home visits so we can talk to other members of your household and any birth children. We will also contact your referees. You will be helped to produce a ‘Portfolio of Evidence’ which can include examples of any relevant life experiences and skills you may have acquired.

This may all seem daunting, but at Rainbow we aim to provide you with close support at each and every stage. There are no exams or written tests, we just provide unrivalled support and guidance along the way. We are a family at Rainbow and we strive to make the whole process informative, positive and lighthearted!

Family Assessment