Events and awards

Throughout the year we arrange a number of special events. Of particular note, are our ‘Annual Children’s Awards’ which is followed by our ‘Annual Foster Carer Awards’. We work hard to make both these occasions as memorable a possible for all concerned.
Rainbow take considerable pride in the pleasure both events give our children and foster carers alike. They provide a great opportunity for everyone in our community to come together and share experiences. At our foster carer’s awards we always ‘push the boat out’ and

Children’s Awards

This is one of the most enjoyable events in our annual calendar and is always eagerly anticipated. It always makes us realise that with care, love and attention all children can succeed. For that reason it is a most uplifting experience for staff, foster carers and our children.
Our awards also reminds us of the importance of the work that we all do, everyday, to put young lives back together. Recognising the hard work and effort of our youngsters - in whatever areas they are striving in - rewards us all.
Each year Rainbow staff put considerable effort into making sure this is a happy event. Apart from the award giving itself, children (and foster carers) can participate in a range of fun filled activities.

Annual Foster Carer’s Awards

At our foster carer’s awards we always ‘push the boat out’ and create an imaginative theme for the evening. This guarantees the creation of some very special memories. The event is always a special blend of fun and entertainment.
It also has a more serious side as we gather to mark the efforts and hard work of our foster carers. Sharing stories and hearing about everyones’ trials and triumphs is hugely beneficial. It is a reminder that we are all, with our different experiences, working towards a common goal: to do our best for the children and young people in our care.
The evening also provides an opportunity to listen to a range of keynote speakers. They provide interesting insights into the wider world of fostering. It’s also a chance to give everyone an update on our international fostering projects.

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