Flying the flag for fostering…

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November 19, 2015
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November 27, 2015
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Flying the flag for fostering…

It’s what the royals do best…focusing attention on deep-seated and often intractable problems faced by society. The Duchess of Cambridge has just recently carried on this time honoured tradition by presenting awards for excellence in fostering. The awards are being given by Britain’s leading charity in the field The Fostering Network. Rainbow Fostering is one of the leading London based independent foster care agencies and welcomes the attention brought to the subject by such a high profile royal figure. Along with all private foster care agencies, Rainbow is very much on the front-line of a situation that this year sees the need for over 8,000 new foster care families. With such a shortfall and demand rising – particularly for provision for children in sibling groups or with special needs – focusing awareness on the issue is very much a priority.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has already shown herself to possess the core royal skill of attracting media attention to the kind of issues that should concern us all: the need to find foster carers is becoming ever more pressing

“The people we will hear about tonight are truly extraordinary and show how good foster care changes children and young people’s lives”

Kate Middleton

There are key messages that should always be brought to the fore: single people can foster as well as married or cohabiting couples. Today there are also many outstanding gay and lesbian foster carers. Independent fostering providers in London such as Rainbow fostering know how important it is to reinforce these core messages such as foster carers do not have to own their own home and do not have to be parents themselves.

Kate presented awards to three teenagers each of whom had achieved success in various ways without the kind of start in life so many of us take for granted.

We welcome foster carers those who meet our fostering criteria.

Rainbow Fostering is one of the leading independent foster care agencies in London. There are plenty of children needing care so we would like to hear from anyone considering taking up fostering.

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