Foster your art skills: design Rainbow’s birthday card

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June 29, 2018
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Foster your art skills: design Rainbow’s birthday card

Foster children and their artistic abilities

Foster children’s love of art

This year we want to ask all our amazing birth and foster children to design The Rainbow Birthday Card. This is a very special and important card because everyone in our wonderful Rainbow foster care family receives one on the occasion of their birthday. Everyone here loves sending their birthday wishes and thought it was about time the card was designed by one of our own wonderful children. The idea is that we can make this a regular competition – so a new birthday card each year. That should give plenty of opportunity for all our budding artists.

And just think, all entries will be featured on our website as well as our Facebook page.

And our foster carers…remember what a great opportunity this is for your children to discover a hidden talent.

We never forget how lucky we are to have such dedicated foster carers – your amazing skills and ability to encourage our birth and foster children can make all the difference. Our Rainbow family is a very special community: we recognise and share the benefits of all our talents. We, all of us appreciate that fostering creativity  – as well as boosting your child’s chances of becoming the next Picasso – has lots of other benefits. Painting and creating artworks of all different types is thought to improve young children’s ability to problem solve. And of course, all kids love the chance to make a right old mess!

One of the books we recommend is ‘Primary Art: It’s the Process, Not the Product.’ by Mary Ann F. Kohl. Why? Because, as youngsters handle paint brushes of different sizes, they learn motor skills; when they experiment with different shapes and materials, they are taking important first steps into science and mathematics. Another huge benefit is the ‘feel good factor’ that art creates: children who feel able to experiment and make mistakes are set free to invent fresh, new ways of thinking. And it is this discipline – so important – they can take with them into everything else they do!

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You will need to have a spare bedroom, be over 21 years of age and be a permanent resident in the UK as well as being willing to include a foster child as a member of your family.

Questions come in all shapes and sizes – just like our children! And if you have some, call 020 8427 3355 and speak with one of our expert team members. In the meantime, please browse through our website. We are regularly adding new information about the rewarding world of fostering. We have just been ranked second by Google out of all fostering organisations for the consistent quality of information of our online blogs.

We need therapeutic foster carers, mainstream foster carers and foster carers to look after teenagers and sibling groups. Qualities needed by foster carers: flexibility, optimism, patience, understanding, sympathy, good listening skills and the ability to have FUN!

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