Foster Care 2019 Campaign: “What a two weeks!”

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May 31, 2019
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Foster Care 2019 Campaign: “What a two weeks!”

Foster Care Fortnight exceeds expectations

Foster Care Fortnight succeeds

Foster care has just had a huge amount of exposure. This is the result of The Fostering Network’s annual campaign, which created a huge amount of interest and enthusiasm around fostering. The #changeafuture theme neatly summed up what lies at the heart of foster care. People who are involved in fostering provision up and down the country came up with innovative and imaginative ways of supporting the campaign. At Rainbow Fostering, it was especially satisfying to support #changeafuture in what is a very special year for us. We are celebrating our 21st anniversary and what better way to have marked it than by being rated Outstanding by Ofsted. That was the result of hard work and passion for what drives ‘Team Rainbow’ every day. And it shows the future is never fixed. We can all change our own futures for the better. And this is what the people did who we featured in our special blog series supporting the campaign. We took our inspiration from a list of 100 care experienced individuals that was compiled by the poet Lemn Sissay. There were more people than we could feature. And that’s good because we will carry on profiling people on the list at regular intervals throughout the rest of the year. That’s important: huge attention is paid to fostering over the two weeks of the campaign. But the work doesn’t stop here. For everyone involved in fostering, there is the daily challenge of attracting new people to become carers. This does not get easier, which is why The Fostering Networks annual campaign is so important. It’s great news that the charity regards the campaign as having been a great success:

“there has been a tremendous response to our #changeafuture theme this Foster Care Fortnight from our members and supporters as well as decision-makers around the UK and the wider public, with more than 1,000 pieces of media coverage and countless social media posts raising awareness of the transformational power of fostering in the UK.”

Fostering chief executive gives his reaction to this year’s #changeafuture campaign.

The chief executive of the leading charity, Kevin Williams, stated that he felt personally overwhelmed by the scale of the support and enthusiasm of everyone who participated over Foster Care Fortnight. He commented on the uptake of the campaign which reached right across the country describing it as “fantastic.” There was particular satisfaction with the level of coverage in the national media as well as local media. All the events that were put on provided a tremendous opportunity to spread the message that foster care changes futures. As Kevin Williams stated:

“Literally millions of people have read, or watched films, about #FCF19 on social media and I believe we have, yet again, sent a resounding message about the transformational power of fostering in the lives of children and young people and the phenomenal work foster carers and social workers do.”

Recruitment statistics.

The current situation is that over 65,000 children are living with approximately 55,000 fostering families around the United Kingdom every day. This equates to nearly eight per cent of the eighty-three thousand children and young poplin the care system – living away from home on any one particular day in the country.

The Fostering Network estimates that in England an additional 7,220 fostering families need to be recruited; in Northern Ireland, an additional 250 fostering families are sought; in Wales, an additional 550 fostering homes are needed and in Scotland the figure stands at 580. In total the United Kingdom needs to recruit another 8,600 foster families.

Rainbow want you to care.

We think that all children deserve a safe place to live. What’s important at the moment is there are not enough fostering care families to go around. It’s possible you have been thinking of fostering for quite some time. It is a big decision, but so many people think fostering a young person is the most rewarding thing they have ever done. Call us now on 020 8427 3355 or use our National Line 0330 311 2845. We’ll take as long as you need to explain all the ‘ins and outs’. Questions? Then take a look at our page We hope you will find time to explore our web sites. It has information covering many aspects of fostering and a comprehensive blog section. Suggestions:

Treats at the end of a Rainbow.

One of the most important jobs a foster carer has to do is to make sure their looked after child leads a stimulating life and happy life. As close to a normal childhood as it’s possible. At Rainbow, we support and encourage our carers to take children to galleries, museums, cinema, adventure parks – and of course on holiday. This way children feel they are fully participating in what life has to offer. This helps them to relate to their peers in school and develop a sense of interest. It might be just one trip that sparks the kind of passion and ambition that fulfils their potential in life. Rainbow recommends…

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