Foster care: key questions to consider for therapeutic fostering

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June 4, 2018
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Foster care: key questions to consider for therapeutic fostering

Foster care answers

Foster care questions and answers

There are so many questions (FAQs) that can confront the ‘would be’ carer: how to become a foster carer for babies; the criteria for fostering; being a foster parent; all those fostering assessment questions – as well as the fostering medical check. And firstly – can I be a foster parent? Then there other queries: the types of fostering; fostering allowance and benefits; how much do foster parents get paid each month and down to the best paid fostering agencies to consider. 

Changing trends in care

Because of the changing nature of fostering there are even more questions for an applicant to consider. An initial search made by a potential applicant into fostering will almost certainly throw up an important new term – the emergence of the ‘therapeutic’ foster carer. What will this involve if I decide to consider this area of fostering? And fairly soon, you’ll come up against terms such as therapeutic fostering models; therapeutic fostering courses; training for therapeutic foster care and even a certificate in therapeutic fostering. The best thing that we can advise is that you give one of our specialist recruiters a call on 020 8427 3355 – or you can call our National Line on 0330 311 2845 – either way you will be helped to understand what therapeutic foster care is all about and if it might be for you.

And if all this is a little too specialist, we are interested in talking to people who might like to consider becoming mainstream carers. Especially those who might be interested in providing a home for a teenager or a sibling group. But we would advise that there is a current need for therapeutic foster carers – Why? Well, figures released for last year indicate that 65% of children who were placed in care had experienced trauma following abuse or neglect. These children, forming an increasing proportion of the referrals we (and almost all agencies receive), need to be found foster homes urgently. This means that mainstream carers may need to wait longer for their placement preferences to be met. So, perhaps give thought to being trained as a therapeutic foster carer. If you do, the support we will provide will be second to none. Rates of pay are higher for therapeutic carers, making it doubly rewarding – with the knowledge you are making a huge difference to the life of a child.   

Again, the numbers to call: 020 8427 3355 (Head Office) /Our  National Foster Line 0330 322 2845. We can arrange a call back at time to suit you. We regularly update our website, ensuring there is always a lot of information about all aspects of fostering.

Foster with a leading agency

Rainbow is a No 1 agency that celebrates diversity and welcomes applicants, whatever their sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or indeed cultural background. Our carers come from all walks of life and ethnicities: Over our twenty years, we have developed a real ‘community’ atmosphere. Some of our carers have been with us for well over 10 years – which sort of speaks for itself!

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If you care…foster care!

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