Foster care topics: why care?

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August 10, 2017
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Foster care topics: why care?

Children looking for foster homes are in growing supply: the dilemma is that there is an acute shortage of foster families. This year the figure stands at over 9,000. There are many different reasons people put forward for not considering becoming a foster carer. These differ widely from fear of the unknown through to getting too attached to a child. It is worth giving some serious thought to the really positive reasons that make foster care so worthwhile: perhaps think about the following.

  1. If you’re the kind of person that thinks about doing something that can make a visible and measurable difference to another human beings life chances. Fostering definitely makes this possible.
  1. The part a foster parent plays in the care system has to be one of the most important. Foster parents can give love and teach children valuable life lessons whilst supporting biological family members who might be working hard to create a safer home environment for their children to return to.
  1. Remember: you are not  just changing the life of one person; though that is powerful enough effect, by giving a child a stable home, the security teaches them the value of love, education and stability. These values they can then pass to children of their own – so your foster care can positively shape the life experiences of future generations. That’s quite a thought.
  1. You can play a huge part regarding protecting vulnerable relationships into the future. One of the most upsetting situations is when siblings have to be split up. Sadly, there are simply not enough people who are prepared to foster children with brothers and sisters. Offering space in your home to accommodate siblings means they can stay together. This may be after they have experienced trauma – so being able to stay with one another can make a big difference. Helping them recover from upheaval can give them stability as well as protect their future relationships with one another. There can be few things quite as rewarding as this.
  1. The shortage of foster families now means that large numbers of children and young people are forced to  grow up in residential settings and homes. These can never really create the unique sense that goes with being a member of a family and growing up in a real ‘family home’. This experience can give a  child a sense of inclusion and belonging. Ultimately, this can provide the emotional security that will be needed to deal with life as an adult.
  1. By becoming a foster carer and playing a significant role in improving a child’s life chances – can only make you feel very differently about your own life. At Rainbow Fostering we know that if you change a child’s life you will be changing your own forever. All of us at times think about where to find meaning in our lives. If you are searching for this, it can certainly be provided by becoming a foster carer.

7)   Foster care can be stressful, tiring, challenging, but it can at the same time be inspiring, 

      rewarding and never forget FUN!

It could be that the ultimate reason to foster a child in need is best expressed in these lines by the poet Forest Witcraft. 

“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.”

As a foster carer…you will be!

Are you considering becoming a foster carer now?

That’s good news! At Rainbow, one of our experienced recruitment advisors will be pleased to chat with you. We have people fostering with us from all walks of life and we urgently need more people irrespective of their education, status, background or faith. Our recruitment advisors are committed to giving up to the minute advice – it’s always professional and tailored around your personal situation and needs. And the training we run on is always up to date and all our feedback is that our carers positively enjoy it – describing it as stimulating and always conducted in a friendly and informal way.

The kinds of people who train to become foster carers with Rainbow

At Rainbow Fostering we need to find people who want to foster. Foster carers can come from a wide range of backgrounds: potential applicants for fostering might be married, or perhaps living together; they might have their own birth children; or they might have no children. Foster carers can be single or divorced – and we welcome applications to foster from same-sex couples. It is most important that we can source placements for children with carers from their own background and culture where we can. This means we work, particularly hard to find foster carers from all ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.

Your life experiences can be valuable.

Remember: your life experiences might well have relevance for becoming a

Foster care and why you should care

Foster care why it matters to care

carer. We have discovered over the years that there are particular qualities foster carers should have. So, it is good to have a sense of humour, to be enthusiastic about wanting to make a real difference to the life and experience of a child or young person. Fostering can be an emotionally bruising experience but it can at the same time be immensely rewarding.

Want to take things further with Rainbow?

You are currently on the blog section of our website: firstly, thank you for visiting! It is possible to visit the rest of our website, where you will find masses of general information about foster care. Fostering maybe not for everyone, it can be challenging, but if you have what it takes, there are few things more enjoyable. We will support and guide you all the way through your fostering career. Call 020 8427 3355 and see what might be at the end of your rainbow! 

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