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April 4, 2018
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Foster carers sought at Muslim Lifestyle Show

Rainbow Foster care services will be having a presence at the forthcoming Muslim Lifestyle Show this weekend. Now in its third year, the Show returns again to the renowned Olympia venue in London located in the massive  and prestigious national hall. This is a red letter day, with over two hundred shopping stalls included along with a dedicated Souq area. This has been billed as the ultimate in retail therapy for this weekend 21st – 22nd April.

There will be a wealth of Brands at this year’s event including Rainbow Fostering. Apart from promoting the benefits and rewards of fostering, Rainbow will be marking twenty years, providing loving homes for vulnerable children.

The London Muslim Lifestyle Show 2018  be featuring over 200 shopping stalls. These will include almost every lifestyle experience one could consider: literally an A – Z of brands. For a full list of participants visit

The Show will have much to inform as well as entertain. For youngsters there will be the Alihuda Kuds Zone as well as a cricket simulator. And for the grown ups, there will be catwalk shows as well as success seminars. All in all, this will be a weekend that will live long in the memory of all attending this dynamic and vibrant show.

Why we need more Muslims to become foster carers

There is currently a shortage of carers right across the UK. But there are at present more Muslim children in local authority care than there are Muslim foster carers available. This means that it is not always possible to find Muslim foster homes. Like all children and young people, Muslim children deserve to have their needs met and to be cared for in an environment that is religiously and culturally sensitive. Matching is very important as carers should be able to help young people to be aware of their cultural heritage. Obviously this is most effectively achieved if a Muslim child can be placed with Muslim foster carers.

What Muslim children need from their foster carers

For all children, their religious and cultural identities are essential parts of their intellectual, physical and emotional well being. Any child observing the Muslim faith will require certain basic to be in place. This includes a diet of halal food, fasting and praying. It is important to have an understanding of the wishes of the child and, ideally, those of the birth parents in relation to the role Islam means to an individual child or young person. Muslim carers can play a key role in enabling a child to be proactive in their faith. Children can then benefit from being supported to –

  • make visits to the local mosque;
  • participate in annual festivals such as Eid;
  • attend prayers such as Jumu’ah on a Friday as well as Tarawee – evening prayers during Ramadan;
  • taking a child to Muslim play groups;
  • attending a Muslim school;
  • enabling participation in after school Islamic educational programmes.

Next steps

If you feel you could offer a stable and loving home to a Muslim child – or siblings – then please contact our recruitment team on 020 8427 3355, We also have a national line if you have problems getting through. This is 0330 311 2845. We pay enhanced rates for foster carers who have completed training in therapeutic foster care. This equips them to look after children who have suffered abuse or neglect. Such experiences can give rise to challenging behaviour which are addressed by programmes of therapeutic care therapy. Foster carers receive training in how best to support such programmes. Children and young people arriving in a new environment will often feel confused and disorientated. A foster carer must be able to create a place where a child can feel safe. It should be somewhere they can start to begin to learn to trust. If you can accomplish this, you will see why foster carers find fostering so rewarding.

For general foster care

Some of the more frequently asked questions we receive are: foster carer pay? How long does it take to become a foster carer? Types of fostering to consider, foster carer requirements, can you foster a child if you are in a same sex relationship and can you foster if you are over fifty years of age? Please visit the rest of our website for a lot more information on what foster care is all about. And please call us with any feedback you might have – we would be delighted to hear from you.

If you are a foster carer and are interested in transferring, we make the whole process simple, straightforward and trouble free.

Remember to visit our stand at this year’s Muslim Lifestyle Show 2018

Rainbow fostering: this week in the news –

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If you care…foster care!

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