Foster Carers Awards – all wrapped up in true Bollywood style

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December 20, 2019
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Foster Carers Awards – all wrapped up in true Bollywood style

Foster carer awards Bollywood style

Foster carers awards Bollywood style

Foster care awards seem to come around quicker every year. Perhaps it’s because at Rainbow we start planning for them early. Truth to tell, we start to feel a ‘collective’ quickening of the pulse – as well as the Team’s creative juices flowing – well before Summer is out. And Why? Team Rainbow recognises putting a lot of thought and energy into theming the awards demonstrates to our foster carers how much we appreciate their tremendous efforts. So, even, as the new decade is barely out of its wrapping, the staff at Rainbow will already be thinking about how we improve on past successes – the 2018 ‘Motown’ Foster Carers Awards theme; and, most recently, our 2019 ‘Bollywood’ Foster Carers Awards theme. 

But before thinking about 2020 we’ll pause to reflect on the glitz and glamour of November: the night Bollywood – more used to the light and heat of Mumbai – warmed a frosty night on the Bath Road. The connection between Bombay, Hollywood and Slough may first appear a little tenuous but that did not stop ‘Team Rainbow’ galvanising their brightest and best for the evening. And we were delighted; along with our foster carers, to see that our ‘red carpet treatment’ attracted stars of the screen Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone: some felt their presence was a little ‘static’ – but we prefer to think the enormity of the occasion rendered them speechless!!!

So why Bollywood as a theme? Well, it’s a movie genre all about passion, energy and dedication. This is a strong link to the very qualities needed by foster carers to do the job they do – and many must also feel they are on occasions led a merry dance! For those who do not know,  Bollywood films are not in the strictest sense considered musicals. They have, nonetheless, become iconic because of their intricately choreographed dance routines. These bombard the senses with colour and movement which explains why the films have a rapturous following around the world. Today, a massive interest exists for all things Bollywood in the US, Canada, Australia and now; after our recent efforts in Slough as well. Our theme also allowed; after some careful coaching throughout the evening, all who came to ‘strut their stuff’ to learn some amazing new moves. Standards, it must be said varied! So too, did dress sense – with some fairly major fashion offences being committed by some of the men (they know who they are). Huge thanks to all the women who threw literally themselves into the occasion – as well as onto the dance floor. They came attired in colourful sarees and sported all manner of jewellery – worn literally from head to toe. The dancing was a beautiful blend of different Indian dance styles incorporating classical and folk – even elements of R&B and Hip Hop: all characteristic of Bollywood. There were some (and it has to be said it was the men again) – who incorporated dance ‘styles’ and ‘blends’ unknown to man. Or at least until this evening – with some definitely raising issues of safeguarding. 

Connoisseurs of the genre would doubtless have recognised our homage to the Masala school of the Bollywood idiom. We certainly managed to combine action, melodrama – even a touch of romance could be felt – together with comedy – again mostly unintended from our more exuberant participants.

Special thanks are due to all the ladies of Team Rainbow, whose costumes, make-up and jewellery would certainly have caught the eye of any Bollywood casting director. What certainly has to be acknowledged is the raw enthusiasm of all who attended on this special evening. It was a delight to see everyone; staff, guests and foster carers all participating with real spirit and glee. 

After the burning of countless calories and some reputations on the dance floor, the evening moved on to presenting the foster carers awards. To assist Aijaz and Ashan with this, Rainbow was honoured to have extremely distinguished guests in the persons of Javed Khan – CEO of Barnardo’s and Tunji Akintokun – Director Head of Sales UK PwC. Other honoured guests included: Gareth Thomas MP for Harrow West and Dan Burke CEO of the Young Harrow Foundation. 

Coming together to reflect upon the amazing and unstinting work our foster carers have done throughout another year is humbling. And certainly, our honoured guests were fulsome in their praise of the commitment and dedication shown by our foster carers. 

After the presentation of the foster carers awards, Rainbow was delighted to mark the occasion by presenting Javed Khan with a ‘Special Award for Service and Leadership’ and Tunji Akintokun with a ‘Special Award for Leadership and Inspiration’ (the full list of foster care award winners is below.)

Earlier in the evening Afshan and Aijaz, directors of Rainbow, gave a moving, inspirational and uplifting account of the progress made in 2019. It was mentioned that the ‘Outstanding’ in all areas awarded by Ofsted, had been the result of a tremendous team effort by everyone associated with Rainbow. This had galvanised staff and foster carers to celebrate the worth of all they do on behalf of our children and young people. Achieving this rating was a tremendous way to move forward into a new decade and strive to raise our standards even higher!

2019 Foster Care Award Winners

Congratulations to all our Foster Care Award winners: Rahana, Tracy and Christopher, Esther, Barbara and Victor, Sandra, Laurentina, Androula, Khadija and Ashraf, Sadia, Andrew and Marie, 

2019 Team Rainbow Staff Award Winners

2019 Team Rainbow Individual Staff Awards: Lisa, Diane, Shobha, Aisling, Kimberley, Will, Richard. 

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who came and made this such a special evening. And a special vote of thanks to our directors, Afshan and Aijaz, who facilitated the occasion. Team Rainbow will be throwing ideas into the melting pot for our 2020 awards theme. And a message to all our foster carers, if you want to contribute an idea – or have any comments about the evening – we would welcome your thoughts. 

Rainbow Fostering is now offering fostering opportunities in 2020 in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Hampshire. 

Call 020 8427 3355 or make use of our National Line 0330 311 to find out more about becoming a foster carer with Rainbow. We offer a wide range of professional fostering career choices: train to foster siblings, or foster teenagers maybe specialise in parent and child placements. Find out about the six easy steps to becoming ‘Approved’ to foster. With Rainbow, it takes on average only 16 to 18 weeks from an initial enquiry to becoming ‘Approved’.

Rainbow Fostering has now been established for over twenty years and been rated ‘Outstanding’ in all areas by Ofsted. This means we are a leading uk fostering and you can depend on the support and training we offer our foster carers.  

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