Foster Carers Support

foster carers support

Our experience tells us that one of the important factors that attract foster carers and encourage them to continue fostering is the level of support they receive. Foster Carers support is therefore important in terms of the outcomes we have achieved. At Rainbow Fostering we offer a high level of support from placing a child/young person until they are no longer in placement. We offer support in a number of ways:

  • Support from supervising social worker
  • Easy access to the services manager and director
  • Therapeutic services for children when this is agreed with the local authority social worker who is allocated to the child
  • Loan of equipment
  • A centralised savings scheme for children and young people
  • Identifying a carer who will help to offer support
  • Organised activities such as BBQs, Christmas parties and social gatherings


  • Training
  • Professional Fees
  • Awards Ceremony
  • Foster Carers Support groups
  • Social events
  • Foster Talk
  • 24 hour helpline 7 days a week


"My link worker has been very helpful, she is easy to talk to and reliable."

"I enjoy being a foster carer, I find it very fulfilling."

"The reward has been from my foster child seeing her blossom and flourish."