Foster a child and you might need some ideas for the holiday

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Foster a child and you might need some ideas for the holiday

Foster care and holiday ideas

Foster carers and holiday ideas

Foster care is challenging all year round, however, Christmas and New Year; whilst being an enjoyable time, can make unique demands on a family. There is all the build -up and excitement, but once the festivities are over, a sense of anti-climax can set in. It’s also important to get youngsters actively involved in different activities. Like all of us, they will have been enjoying a rich diet over Christmas. Too many chocolates and cakes!

Now we are firmly in 2019 and the schools are still off, it’s a good idea to get your kids exercising and working off those Christmas calories. Rainbow fostering will be promoting the importance of fitness throughout the year – and beyond – in light of some disturbing statistics, which should make us all sit up and take notice: it’s just been reported that new research indicates the average child has consumed eighteen years of sugar by the age of ten. Or, put another way, roughly eight excess sugar cubes each day, equating to 2,800 excess cubes annually. We want to encourage all foster carers to get their children to se the lifelong value of being fit and healthy.

Ideas for foster children to enjoy over the Christmas holidays

So here are a few suggestions for ‘out of the house’ activities in the holiday period if you are fostering a child or young person.

  • A trip to a museum! This can be both educational and fun if you have a foster child. In our major cities, we have some amazing museums – many are devoted to specific subjects such as science or natural history. There is a wealth of smaller museums up and down the country – often specialising in local history which children can find fascinating.
  • provides details of Exeter Museum.
  • Visit an art gallery! This can be an inspirational and rewarding family day out. It can also provide some great ideas for art projects at home. Foster carers and their children can find modern art galleries, particularly stimulating. is an amazing gallery in Newcastle.
  • An outing to the Zoo! You might not think it, but visiting the zoo in winter can be a great idea. this is because many animals are more active than on hot summer days. There are likely to be fewer people so there can be more chances to see the animals close up. And if you think it’s too cold to go to the Zoo, remember the reptile and insect houses have to be kept as warm as a summer day! for Chester Zoo.
  • A trip to an Aquarium! If you are lucky enough to live near an aquarium, they can be a fun and colourful day out for a foster family. in London.
  • Cycling! this can be a great safe option for families – especially along the towpaths of our canal network. Visit for more information. Over half the population lives around ten minutes distance of a waterway – so it’s an activity for many families.
  • Take the plunge – a trip to the local swimming pool. Many pools offer additional family bathing times over the holiday period. It’s fun, inexpensive and a great way for kids to burn off calories.
  • Bowling! This is great family entertainment and guaranteed to excite plenty of healthy competition.
  • Indoor rock climbing! There are quite a few climbing walls up and down the country now and this is a particularly good way to get those sinews stretched: it’s a real challenge many older kids particularly relish.   

Fostering with Rainbow.

Rainbow is an independent foster care agency that has been placing foster children into loving homes for over twenty-one years. The demand for well-trained, compassionate foster carers is growing – last year on average, ninety-three children came into care every day – many of them needing foster homes.

If you want more information on what is required to become a foster area – along with the training and support we offer – please call 020 8427 3355. You can also use our National Line, which is 0330 311 2845. Fostering is a journey like no other and we are here to help and guide you every step of the way.

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