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February 10, 2017
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February 13, 2017
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Foster attention on the key issues

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It is now considerably more than a year since we started our weekly series of blogs. The issues that relate to foster carers and anyone involved in fostering children and young people seem to grow in complexity all the time. Foster carers looking after children with complex needs or fostering youngsters with disabilities, will have seen articles covering these specialist areas. We particularly want to hear the views and experiences of people thinking about fostering teenagers, sibling groups or fostering asylum seeking children. Foster carers have responded extremely positively to the range of issues that have been covered in our blogs. We have covered issues ranging from internet safety, child literacy and most recently run a series of pieces about our Rainbow International Fostering project in India. This is the special initiative – “Fostering Children for a Better Nation” – that is being driven by Aijaz Ahmad, our agency director, in collaboration with Jamia Millia Islamia University. There will be much of great interest and inspiration that will flow from the implementation of this most timely and important project, which aims to create an entirely new model for foster care provision in India. This is an absolute priority because India is a country with over 20 million orphans (set to increase to 24 million by 2021).

We would like to offer a resounding “Thank you” for all the fostering feedback that we have been so pleased to receive.

Remember: foster and change the life of a child for the better
You just need a spare bedroom along with the time, interest and passion to support a child to reach their full potential. If you feel you can meet these criteria and want to foster care, please don’t hesitate to contact us. With over 9,000 new foster carers needed in 2017, there is a desperate need for motivated and dedicated people to step forward. People who have, or are currently engaged in working professionally with children and young people offer invaluable experience of fostering. But this is not essential: life experience really does count along with the commitment and emotional resilience to look after children who have not had the best start in life. In the words of the famous maxim “Your country needs you” for there are babies, children and teenagers looking for the stability of a loving home: one which, with your care and support, will give them a future to look forward to…perhaps for the first time ever.

Don’t forget this is a problem that society urgently needs to resolve. Last year Barnardo’s released a special plea for more foster carers to take care of the record number of children in care right across the UK. In 2016, the number reached its highest level in 30 years, with over 70,000 children in care. Around 75% of all the children in care are fostered and research has highlighted that the country is experiencing a shortfall of 9,070 foster families: this breaks down to 600 new carers needed in England, 800 in Scotland, 500 in Wales and 170 in Northern Ireland.

And the good news at the end of this rainbow…another special trip is planned next week to India to continue with our project – “Fostering Children for a Better Nation”. We shall be providing an update on this very soon.

Investigate our ‘Rainbow Rewards if you want to foster
Rainbow pays a bonus of £500 if you are in a position to refer someone to be a foster carer. Payment will be made once your referral has been approved by Rainbow Fostering and the first placement has been made. It is also worth remembering that if you are already an approved foster carer, and already care for a child (children) on a long-term basis, you can quite easily transfer to Rainbow. You will also be eligible for a bonus. The process is straightforward – we at Rainbow Fostering will provide all the necessary support and guidance to make your transition a smooth Please call for details today and discover the benefits of joining our enthusiastic and welcoming family of foster carers.

If you foster, keep up to date with the issues that matter
Refer to our news section on Rainbow Fostering’s web site. It features articles about fostering and related issues. These are intended to be of general interest – especially if you foster children. Latest article: “Safer Internet Day” Simply visit Please feel free to contact us with your own views or experiences.

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