Foster and you need the best in support

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January 18, 2017
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Foster and you need the best in support

If you talk to most people about their ideas of what it is like to foster, their likely reaction will be that fostering is a confusing world. Rainbow are an independent fostering agency (IFA), and our first task is to deal with confusion as quickly as possible. Our goal is to do nothing to diminish the original enthusiasm of a new applicant. We take great encouragement from the fact that 90% of people who commence the full assessment, stay the course and become foster carers. The remaining 10% is made up of those who decide that they are not suited to fostering, or that they fail to become approved. This statistic is extremely positive as once the commitment has been made, the applicant(s) are very likely to progress all the way through to approval. It is necessary to comprehend what drives this statistic as it means adding to the pool of available carers at our disposal. The answer is simply ‘support’: the idea exists that if you foster, this can be quite isolating – a potentially huge disincentive. It pays dividends, therefore, to make it clear from the initial enquiry, that there will always be support available and that this will be on a 24/7 basis.

Support for foster carers means belonging to a community

Delivering fostering services depends upon the support of all stakeholders. One has to think about what support actually means – as it can mean quite different things at different times. There are the day to day routine contact calls – clearly important, but then there is a valuable premium on being able to provide applicants and carers alike with access to a friendly and vibrant support network. This is also of tremendous significance regarding foster carer retention. When foster carers feel that they are part of a wider team that exhibits team ‘spirit’, they feel a genuine sense of belonging.
In 2016, over 9,000 new foster families were needed across the UK. The situation moving into 2017 is still going to be one of shortage of foster families.

Wanting to foster children? Then please don’t forget ‘Rainbow Rewards’
As an independent fostering agency, we will pay a bonus of £500 if you are in a position to refer someone to be a

Foster and you get round the clock support

Foster and expect support at all times

carer: you’ll receive the bonus from us once your referral has been approved and their first placement has been accepted. People who already foster, if they wish to transfer to Rainbow, will also qualify for a special bonus: this payment will be made for foster carers who are already caring for youngsters on a long-term basis.

And the good news at the end of this particular rainbow…we have had a tremendous response to our Twitter campaign aimed at attracting followers interested in promoting child literacy. Literacy is the fundamental life skill and we work hard to hard to promote it, so there are some excellent reading recommendations for children on our Facebook page – simply visit and scroll down:

More News – keeping you informed
We have a special news section on our web site which is regularly updated. There you will find much that is of topical interest for all who foster, or simply have a general interest in fostering. Simply visit for regular updates.

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