Foster care and the need to find homes for teenagers

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February 15, 2019
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Foster care and the need to find homes for teenagers

Foster carers required to give teenagers’ homes

Foster parents to look after teenagers

Foster carers are needed for teenagers. Why is there such a need for foster homes for teenagers?

To get an idea – it was found recently that around 38 percent of all children in care were between the ages of ten and fifteen. There are a lot of prejudiced views about teenagers. It can certainly be a difficult time. The world can be confusing and teenagers are usually struggling with issues of identity. This can make people think looking after a teenager is going to be more difficult.

Foster carers needed for teenagers.

The truth is, there will always be a lot of teenagers who need a foster home. It is very important to attract more people to the idea of fostering a teenager. 

Foster care for teenagers can be easier than for younger children.

The view is that teenagers are always more trouble. This is not always the case. An older child can be more independent. This means carers can have an easier time. If you are fostering a teenager who has many interest and enjoys school, life can be varied and enjoyable. A carer who engages with a teenager and their ambitions can find this very rewarding. Looking after a teenager can mean you don’t have to be quite so resilient.

Helping to support a teenager with their education can be a challenging prospect. If, as a foster carer, you can help them and see the results, this is very rewarding. You can make all the difference and be extremely influential. A foster carer can change the entire life of a teenager.

Foster carers can teach teenagers life skills.

Another vital area of being a foster parent of a teenager is teaching them key life skills. They will have to be shown how to manage money. It’s important that they understand the importance of good nutrition. It can be great fun – and very bonding – to help them to learn cooking skills.

A foster carer will also play a central role in helping a teenager with applying to college or filling in a job application form – on paper or online. Advice can be given on how to prepare for an interview. This might mean explaining the importance of punctuality and making a good impression be being smartly dressed. These might seem small things, but helping a teenager get them right can change the course of their life. And it will be you that has made that special difference.

Carers who look after teenagers often think it makes them feel younger.

There is no doubt that teenagers have a lot of energy. This can be good and sometimes bad. A foster carer who helps a teenager channel their energy productively can help them towards a positive future. Being around young people can be exciting. Energy is infectious! They say you are as ‘old as you feel’: many carers say that fostering a teenager can make them feel younger. Sharing the ‘buzz’ of their world can be stimulating in all sorts of ways.

Teenagers can be – as the phrase goes – ‘bolshy’. But such behaviour is often masking a lot of insecurity. A  carer who understands this can look behind certain patterns of behaviour. It should be remembered that it is natural for teenagers to push at boundaries. That is unimportant part of their development – how they learn about themselves and the world they live in.

Teenagers can be very impressionable. they are at an age where a foster carer can exert real influence and shape their behaviour in a positive way. If a foster carer has a lot of life experiences it can be enjoyable sharing them with a teenager. This by itself can be extremely rewarding.

It should always be remembered that providing care for very young children can be demanding in different ways. It can be very tiring.

A recent survey found that one in twenty teenagers being fostered has experienced at least ten different placements. This means that a significant number of young people are experiencing instability and uncertainty at a time in their lives when, arguably, they need it most.

Foster a teenager with Rainbow.

Hopefully, you can see there are many advantages to fostering a teenager. Rainbow have been finding loving fostering homes for children of all ages for over 21 years. This means we are highly experienced at providing tailored support to carers whatever the age of the child they are caring for.

There is an urgent need to get more carers involved in fostering teenagers. You can find out more about the issues that affect teenagers and the kinds of support they need at –

Plenty of foster care opportunities with us right now.

There are many different fostering agencies – but we like to think we are special. Rainbow has been in existence for over twenty years. We have carers who have been with us for over ten years – some even more – which tells a story. Rainbow is experienced at finding the right kind of people to become carers. Individuals who have warmth, compassion combined with patience and resilience. We are especially looking for people who might be interested in fostering teenagers

At Rainbow fostering, we want to meet with people irrespective of ethnicity, religion or cultural background. Your sexual orientation or relationship status will not prevent you from being considered tolook after a child or teenager .

We are special! As our name suggests, we are an inclusive, happy and passionate community of carers and supporting professionals. All you need for fostering is a spare room, be over the age of 21 and have real enthusiasm to do your utmost for a child or young person.

And finally…

If you are interested in pursuing things further, please complete out our contact form to find out more about fostering teenagers. Give us a ring for a no obligation chat on 020 8427 3355 – or make use of our Team Rainbow are National Line – 0330 311 2845. Look forward to talking with you soon.

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