Fostering children means your fitness matters

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June 2, 2017
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June 9, 2017
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Fostering children means your fitness matters

This is another occasional Rainbow blog taking a ‘relaxed’ glance at the things you might consider to improve your experience of fostering children. If you are currently fostering children, you’ll have heard it being described many times as challenging. It certainly can be, but there can be few things more rewarding than providing a child with a safe, secure and loving home. But it is a very good idea to take care of your own fitness levels as fostering children does require energy! So, whatever your age, it makes sense to think about maintaining a good diet and exercising regularly.

We are not talking about running marathons, however the nation is facing an epidemic of obesity, affecting increasing numbers of young people – as well as adults. Taking an interest in your own health and well being is an excellent example to set if you are fostering children. Young people should be made aware of good nutrition and establishing good dietary habits. This will serve them well for all their lives! Preparing meals is also an excellent way of communicating with the children you care for – it encourages bonding as well as offering an excellent way for children to ‘open up’ about worries they may have.

Fostering children means being aware of their diet
What better gift could be given by you than to help a young person avoid the miseries of ill health in later life caused by poor diet? Anyone fostering children will know how much they notice generally: foster carers who set a positive example by taking an interest in exercising and good nutrition for themselves, will be setting a good example. Encouraging foster children to do likewise shows that you have their interests at heart. This makes them feel valued and more likely to settle in more quickly. Sadly, many children and young people coming into care will have known only neglect. This can mean only ever having had a poor diet – often over a long period of time. Paying attention to diet is a great way of making them feel cared for, which can make an amazing to the relationships you have with them.

Remember how much you count when you are fostering children
Fostering can be stressful and coping with stress can be made easier when you have some effective strategies in place. It’s always important for foster carers to have their own interests -things they find enjoyable. Fostering children usually means carers have little time to devote to themselves: but when there is a lack of variety in life stress can be the result. Over time, this can make it much harder for a foster carer to do their best acting for a child or young person. Stress can jeopardise a placement – certainly not in anyones interest – so prevention is better than cure. The first thing you need to do is to relax…and have a think about what form of exercise you might like to start.

Again, we are not for one second suggesting attempts on Everest, running marathons or Olympic style athletics. We certainly don’t want to be responsible for any blisters! Some of our foster carers have recently taken up yoga, which can be an excellent way of reducing stress when fostering children. And it can be a very sociable thing to do…allowing you to make new friends possibly! Yoga is a very ancient form of exercise. It started in India roughly 5,000 years ago and is excellent at promoting the development of flexibility and strength.

In Yoga, focus is placed upon breathing control to reduce stress and build up levels of mental and physical well-being. It can offer some amazing benefits: the immune system can be boosted and strengthened; yoga can assist with general aches and pains being relieved; serious conditions can also be improved by yoga exercises – these include high blood pressure, heart problems, back and muscle pain as well as depression. Practising yoga is also known to be beneficial for people who suffer from arthritis and migraines: the really good news – yoga helps people achieve better sleep patterns which is known to reduce stress levels.

Fostering children? You’re never too old to start improving your fitness
It is especially good to know that – considering most people are usually over 35 when they start fostering children that yoga can be taken up at any age. It’s even quite common for people to begin yoga classes when they are in their 70’s! And, remember, if you do not find yoga appealing, dancing is another great way of keeping fit. For more detailed information about yoga visit the link below –

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Fitness is fun when fostering children

Fostering children and keeping fit

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