Fostering children…discover Rainbow Rewards

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Fostering children…discover Rainbow Rewards

Rewards to foster at Rainbow

Our rewards to foster will give you something to smile about

There’s always exciting news at Rainbow one of the most progressive independent foster care agencies in London. If considering child fostering, it’s good to know the level of  support we provide is outstanding. We make the process simple and rewarding. Our ‘Rainbow Reward’ scheme means a foster carer recommending a friend to become a foster carer with with our agency will receive £500 once that person has been approved and had their first foster child placed with them.

If you are already a carer with another agency but transfer to Rainbow Fostering Services you will receive a £2000 bonus after approval – this is for carers who already have children placed with them on a long term basis and £500 if you do not currently have children placed with you.

Our carers are part of a great team where everyone has received the training and support to make a difference to the lives of children and young people. We need applicants who will be able to meet the challenge of turning young lives around – the best reward of all. To foster a child or young person will be a major commitment and that is why we are always available to provide support night and day – you are never alone and it is a great opportunity to meet like minded people and make lasting friendships.

There is a need for well over 8,000 new foster carers within UK fostering so if you have the time, a spare room and most importantly of all, want to reward a child with a secure, loving and stable home call now on 0208 427 3355. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. 

If you decide to foster with us, you will have the reassurance of joining one of the leading independent foster care agencies based in London. Please take the time to visit the rest of our web site as it has a lot of information.

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