Fostering in brighton

We are looking for people in Brighton who want to develop their fostering career as part of a professional and dedicated team.

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Rainbow Fostering is an independent fostering agency. Our head office is in London, but we are now looking for foster carers in certain parts of the UK: this now includes Brighton.

Brighton has a very large LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) population, leading to its being known as the “gay capital of the UK. LGBT foster carers often have had direct experience of discrimination and marginalisation, meaning they often have developed the resilience and emotional strength the challenges of fostering present. Being a foster parent requires many qualities and resilience is an important one.

We pride ourselves in making available the best support and training for all our carers. If you are considering fostering for the first time, we would be glad to have a chat with you. Call and we can give you an idea of what is involved and the things to consider – or you can simply request we send you some information first. There is one important stipulation: you will have to have a spare room available for a foster child or young person. We would also like to hear from anyone who is currently fostering and might be thinking of transferring to another agency.
Fostering is one of the most rewarding things you can do

We work very hard to place children from local authority care in secure and loving foster homes. The emphasis is on providing stability. It is not surprising that children and young people in care can be challenging and uncooperative. The reason is that many of them have experienced a lot of disruption and rejection in their lives. We train our carers so they are resilient and able to meet the demands of such behaviour. Once a child/young person feels secure in their new foster home, their behaviour can quickly change for the better. Fostering can then be extremely rewarding as the positive difference a carer can make to a young life becomes clear.

Educational Support
Efforts are usually made to keep a foster child/young person at their school – this means their education is not interrupted. Foster carers are expected to provide plenty of support in relation to the education of the children in their care. Brighton is a thriving place – offering a tremendous choice of ‘days out’ to inspire young people. Just some of the interesting places to base a trip around can include: Brighton Marine Palace & Pier, Royal Pavilion, Brighton Wheel, West Pier, Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, Sea Life Centre and the Brighton Centre. We can make allowances available for trips so that children can be supported if, for example, they are engaged in school project work. As an agency, we strive to make sure our carers are supported in giving children placed with them as normal a range of activities as possible.

Making an application to foster with Rainbow

On our home page you can leave a message for us to contact you. Should you wish to call first, we would be delighted to explain the benefits of fostering through Rainbow. We will answer any questions you might have and be happy to email or post you an application pack.

Call now 0330 311 2845 or 020 8427 3355