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Consider Fostering in Hampshire

If you live in Hampshire and have a spare room, perhaps you might be interested in fostering a child or young person. A shortfall of 9,000 foster families currently exists in thefostering in hampshire UK – so there is a pressing need for people to take up fostering. Because the country has such a diverse ethnic population, we have children from a wide range of backgrounds that we urgently need to place.

What makes a great foster home?

In a word – stability: with that is in place, the relationship between foster carer and child/young person can begin to flourish. What can then follow are the trust and love that are the signs of a happy foster home. It is unfortunate, but instability and disruption is common amongst children and young people looking for a foster home. This creates particular problems, so there is plenty of work to do to ensure a placement works. At Rainbow Fostering we address this by providing the best in raining and support. This is still offered if you are currently fostering and are considering moving to another agency. We do all that is possible to welcome and value people who are a part of our Rainbow fostering community.

Supporting foster children at school

There is nothing more important in life for a child or young person to achieve their full educational potential. Helping this to happen is one of the most rewarding things that a foster carer can do. Keeping up with schoolwork can be particularly difficult when a child has known only placement breakdowns. Staying at the same school is one important way that a child can feel a sense of stability. It’s easy to see why – keeping up friendships can play a huge part in giving a child a sense of what is familiar. When a child is happy at school general behaviour is usually better as well as their sense of adjustment. This helps to prevent placement breakdown and can improve a child or young person’s overall life chances.

Time out…

If you never went somewhere interesting or exciting, your life would feel very dull. Children and young people who have come into local authority care have rarely experienced the love and interest other children take for granted. Young minds need to be challenged and stimulated. At Rainbow Fostering we think it is very important to encourage trips and visits. In Hampshire there are some great places to visit: these include HMNB Portsmouth, HMS Victory and Marwell Wildlife.

The next step is easy

We hope you will find the time to check out other parts of our web site. The Carers’ Info section has a lot of detail about general issues to do with fostering. We work to build the knowledge and skills of our carers so they fully understand the importance of the work they do. If you are applying to be a carer for the first time, you might simply prefer to call and have a chat with us. This is a great way to get a feel for what friendly people we are at Rainbow Fostering. We have a range of information that we can then send or email to help you to decide if fostering is for you.

Call us on our National Line – 0330 311 2845 to discuss more details.


Call or email: we are a friendly team so if you are interested in becoming a foster carer, or are already fostering and considering transferring, we’d love to hear from you.



"My link worker has been very helpful, she is easy to talk to and reliable."

"I enjoy being a foster carer, I find it very fulfilling."

"The reward has been from my foster child seeing her blossom and flourish."