Fostering in hertfordshire

We are looking for people in the Hertfordshire area who are interested in developing a career in foster care. By contacting us, you will quickly be assured of the best in training and professional development.
We welcome applicants regardless of their ethnicity, religion or cultural background, sexual orientation or relationship status. You must have a spare room, be over 21 years of age and be a permanent resident in the UK. Above all, you must have the energy, commitment and passion to help a child or young person make a success of their lives.

Open your heart and open your home in Hertfordshire!

Rainbow Fostering works alongside many local authorities aiming to settle ‘looked after children’ into secure, supportive and loving homes. The children and young people we work with often have emotional needs which means carers need energy and time to give to a child. We are currently looking for people interested in fostering across the Hertfordshire area.

We are one of the leading UK private foster care agencies dedicated to finding stable homes for children and young people. If you are seriously considering fostering you’ll be pleased to know that Rainbow make a broad range of training courses available. We commit to ensuring that our carers receive the training they need to foster with confidence and enjoy the rewards fostering has to offer. We arrange our courses to make attendance easy and convenient.

The Britain of the twenty first century is a diverse society made up of many different religions and faiths. This means we have children and young people coming to us from many different backgrounds. Their needs will always be varied and we look to find carers who can provide the best match. Children can sometimes have special dietary needs they need to observe for religious religions; or they may need to observe particular religious ceremonies or festivals and in such instances carers are required to provide support. We would like to hear from you if you live in Hertfordshire and are considering becoming a foster carer. The process is simple and we provide our applicants with support at all times. For help and guidance please call us or send an email – its easy see the panel below. We would stress that before you can be considered for fostering a child or young person you will need to have a spare room.

Supporting foster children at school

There is nothing more important in life for a child or young person than to achieve their full educational potential. Foster carers play a key role in making this to happen. It is is one of the most rewarding things that a carer can do. Keeping up with schoolwork can be hard when a child has experienced placement breakdowns.

Staying at the same school is one important way that a child can feel a sense of stability. Keeping up friendships can play a huge part in ensuring a child retains a sense of what is familiar. When a child is happy at school their general behaviour is usually better - as well as their sense of adjustment. Maintaining this helps to prevent placement breakdowns which can improve a child or young person’s overall life chances.

Putting children forward for fostering

When putting children or young people forward for fostering, we try to keep them within their local area. This means they can stay at their school and any disruption is kept to a minimum. It also means, where appropriate, they are able to keep in touch with family and friends.

When you have a foster child you are expected to give them support in meeting their educational goals. It also means providing the kinds of experiences children would generally expect so we make allowances available for visits and day trips.

Hertfordshire has some great places to visit including Hatfield House, The Snow Center and Warner Brothers Studio Tours featuring the making of Harry Potter. There are many reasons why you should become a foster parent: research indicates that over 9000 new foster families are needed. Opening your heart and your home can turn the life of a child or young person around and along the way provide you with many rewarding experiences.

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