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Opportunities to foster in Luton

Ever thought of fostering? Looking to make a real difference to a child’s life? Do you have the energy and drive to support a child/young person who has had a difficult start in life? Answering yes to these questions means we at Rainbow Fostering would like to hear from you.

Anyone becoming a foster carer will soon know they are doing one of the most important jobs there is. The situation is increasingly urgent as a huge number – over nine thousand – new foster families need to be found. Talk with a member of the team at Rainbow and you’ll learn how through supporting a child/young person through life; particularly their education, you can really boost their life chances. Fostering can be a really pleasurable shared journey: we make available allowances so children can be taken on visits to places of interest in the Luton area. Such trips can be fun and inspiring – a tried and trusted way of building trust and affection between a child and their foster carer(s).

If a child feels wanted and that someone is genuinely interested in their future, they usually respond very well and past behaviour that might have been uncooperative and challenging can quickly change. So just to get you thinking, the list below details some of the places you might imagine taking a youngster along to. It might be the first trip they have ever been on!

Stockwood Discovery Centre, Warden Park Museum and Woodside Animal Farm and Leisure Park.

The next step on your Fostering Journey

At Rainbow we are on hand 24/7 to give support to our foster carers. They are dedicated people who have benefited from high quality training and know they will always receive our support. We have asked them to ‘Open their hearts and homes’ to children – often in desperate need and they have responded. All children should benefit from growing up in a stable and caring home – with people who are interested in their hopes and aspirations.

The UK has such a varied ethnic population and we have children from many different cultural backgrounds to try and find foster homes for. There is also a growing need to find foster carers prepared to look after unaccompanied asylum seeking children. Whatever your particular ethnicity or cultural background, we would very much like to hear from you.

To foster you will need to have a spare room available. But there are a lot of other things that need careful consideration. We would recommend that you visit the rest of our website as we have made a lot of general information on fostering available. This should provide a good idea of what fostering is all about – as well as the different types of fostering you might like to consider. Please don’t hesitate to phone or email us and we will happily guide you through the stages of becoming a foster carer. You can request an information pack by post or email – we promise there is no pressure – deciding to become a foster carer(s) is one of the most life changing things a person(s) can do. We want you to be entirely confident that your decision to take up fostering is the right one.

Call us on our National Line – 0330 311 2845 to discuss more details.


Call or email: we are a friendly team so if you are interested in becoming a foster carer, or are already fostering and considering transferring, we’d love to hear from you.



"My link worker has been very helpful, she is easy to talk to and reliable."

"I enjoy being a foster carer, I find it very fulfilling."

"The reward has been from my foster child seeing her blossom and flourish."