Fostering in Manchester

We are looking for people in Manchester who want to develop their fostering career as part of a professional and dedicated team.

Rainbow Fostering are a leading independent fostering agency. We are looking to find existing carers or people considering going into fostering to join our team. Rainbow provide an outstanding range of fostering services within the Manchester area.

Fostering children is all about providing warmth, empathy and love. It is also important to be able to set boundaries. When a child or young person feels these things are in place, they can feel secure and able to move forward with their lives. Our goal is to provide the training and support to assist in creating such loving, stable and secure environments.

When children and young people come into care, it is common for them to have come from chaotic backgrounds. There may have experienced a complete lack of daily routines, and worse, they may have been neglected or abused.

Poor school attendance is also frequently an issue: this is especially sad since it can seriously affect the life chances of a youngster.

With such instability, it is understandable that children can be difficult; displays of challenging behaviour can be expected. Sometimes a child or young person may simply be uncooperative. They may have come from a number of different placements which have not lasted for a variety of reasons.

They need to trust and will be looking to their foster carer to enable them to do that. At Rainbow Fostering we offer high quality training and support so our carers have strategies in place to build trust. Showing and demonstrating you have a genuine interest in a child can help them settle – they are looking for a better life and see you as the person who can provide that.

A child or young person’s education: one of the most effective and therefore valuable ways of demonstrating care is to play an active part in a child’s educational life. This signals that you have an eye to their future prospects as well as providing so many opportunities to engage with a child.

Conversations and help with school projects are ways a foster carer can show real interest. Going to a school to represent a child if there are issues – or attending open evenings demonstrates a care and interest they have never known.

Fostering children means a full commitment to their education.

Unless there are special circumstances, children in care are rarely moved from their locality. This is to keep disruption to a minimum. Being able to stay at their school and keep in contact with family and friends can be very important. Looking after foster children is all about making a real commitment to their education and taking them on ‘days out’. Allowances can be paid for such trips – fostering children is all about providing as normal an experience as possible for a child likely to have suffered real disadvantages.

Area: Manchester is a major city in the northwest of England. The city played a prominent role in the Industrial Revolution. The Manchester Ship Canal received goods from across the globe. It is one of the most important cities in the country: the Globalisation and World Cities Research Network rated Manchester as a beta world city.

This made it the highest ranked UK city after London. This means for carers fostering children there is so much to do in Manchester to stimulate enquiring young minds: just some ideas to consider for days out and trips are – Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Arena, People’s History Museum, Aerial Extreme, Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester Seal Life Centre, Manchester United’s ground Old Trafford ‘Theatre of Dreams, Etihad Stadium Manchester City FC and Chill Factore.

We, and all those deserving children and young people out there, would love you to get in touch with us today.

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