Fostering in portsmouth

We are looking for people in Portsmouth who want to develop their fostering career as part of a professional and dedicated team.

Have you ever considered looking after a child or young person? At Rainbow Fostering, we are hoping you have as there are a growing number of youngsters who don’t have a home, don’t have any support with their education, or anyone to talk with about the things that matter to them. Think how tough it is when they are surrounded by school friends who can look forward to going home every day to a loving, supportive home.

So many children in the care of local authorities; like Portsmouth, who are in need of foster homes have also experienced abuse and neglect. Some may have witnessed violent behaviour and known only chaos and disruption in their lives. What such children and young people need more than anything is stability. We have dedicated, experienced foster carers who provide just that. And when there is stability in place,

a young life can really ‘turn a corner’ with success at school usually following.

All well and good - sadly not - why? Because there is a desperate shortage of foster carers right across the country: in 2016, 9,000 new foster families are needed to cope with the rising demand for children needing a loving and caring home. So if you want to find out more about just what a difference you can make to a child’s future, there are a number of things you can do right now -

  • Call right now for a friendly chat with a member of our team
  • Arrange a call back for a time that is suitable for you
  • Request by email or post our comprehensive information pack

We will be happy to answer all your questions - there is no pressure - we aim to give information so you can make an informed choice as to whether you want to foster. If you are already a foster carer and thinking about transferring to another agency, contact us to learn more about the benefits of joining our Rainbow ‘community of carers’.

Things to consider

    In 21st century Britain, society is multi-cultural - a lot of the children coming into care are from many different ethnic backgrounds. They also have a wide range of religious and cultural traditions that they are required to observe. We would be very keen to hear from people from our differing and colourful ethnic communities interested in fostering. This helps us to make well matched placements that have a greater chance of becoming long term
  • At Rainbow, we offer our carers ongoing training and support around the many issues relating to fostering. We provide advice, guidance and more detailed training if they wish to move into the more specialist kinds of fostering
  • We provide support on a 24/7 basis. All our foster carers are part of the Rainbow Fostering team, meaning they always have a dedicated social worker on hand should any problems arise

  • Children coming into care have often fallen behind with their education - usually because they have a poor record of attendance. Foster carers play a key role in providing educational support: this can mean the daily ‘school run’ where children might be younger, or, actively participate taking older children on visits to help with school project work. Whatever a child’s age, it is important to be involved in their ‘school life’
    - to take an interest and assist them with achieving their goals. Children in foster care are not, unless there are special circumstances, usually moved from their local area. It is important to keep disruption to a minimum - school enables a child to retain a sense of what is familiar - especially daily routines. It is not just about passing exams: school creates structure and a feeling of purpose and being able to keep in contact with people from the same cultural or ethnic minority background, can be very important
  • Portsmouth has some great places to visit, including Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, The Mary Rose Museum and the Trafalgar Experience. At Rainbow Fostering, we make allowances available to our foster carers so they can create memorable and pleasurable experiences for the children in their care. There is nothing like a great day out to make a young person feel that they are really cared for
  • Children coming into care can present difficult and challenging behaviour. With the kind of training we give at Rainbow Fostering, our carers acquire the skills needed to ‘turn’ such patterns of behaviour around. Improvements are usually quick when a child feels secure in the knowledge they will be loved and cared for
  • We need foster carers in the Portsmouth area. If what you have read has inspired you and made you want to find out more, please get in touch in any of the ways listed above. One thing: to be a foster carer you will need to have a spare room available for a child or young person.

Call now 0330 311 2845 or 020 8427 3355