Fostering in wiltshire

We are looking for people in Wiltshire who want to develop their fostering career as part of a professional and dedicated team.

Did you know that this year, the country needs over 9,000 new foster families to deal with the demand from local authorities looking to place vulnerable children and young people. Foster carers are in short supply and at Rainbow Fostering we are constantly looking for people who want to become carers.

We are now keen to talk to anyone in the Wiltshire area who may have been thinking of becoming a foster carer. Perhaps you had the thought of fostering and never progressed with the idea. Many people think that the process of becoming a foster carer is far more complicated than it actually is. At Rainbow we provide our applicants with support and guidance which is second to none.

And then, once someone becomes approved to foster, the support continues. We offer training in all the different types of fostering: our goal is for all our carers to feel they are highly professional and always well supported.

Hopefully you will find time to explore the rest of our web site – we strive to make sure it gives comprehensive information about the varied aspects of fostering children and young people.

But there is nothing like a chat! You can leave us your details and arrange for one of our team to give you a call. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. There is no pressure, we want to make sure that you have all the information to make what is for many, life changing decision.

As you are here, we assume you are interested: a few general points about fostering. If you have a spare room to offer a child, you can foster. But there are a few more things besides… the children we look for homes for coming to us via different local authorities. Our job is to then find them secure, stable and loving homes where they can settle and be able to thrive.

Carers have to be prepared to really support a child/young person with their education. When coming into care, the aim is to try and keep a child at their school to keep disruption to a minimum. It is also important that they are able to keep in touch with family and friends. It is not always possible to keep a child in their school and a foster carer will play a hugely important role in settling them into a new school.

Children in care have often had no interest shown them, or been given support with their education. Whatever the situation, helping a child attain their educational goals is crucial in helping them to go on and make a success of their lives. If you feel you can help a child turn their life around and always be there for them, then fostering can be an enormously rewarding thing to do. Getting to know a child/young person can be life enhancing.

At Rainbow, we work to build relationships in a whole variety of ways. Just one example: we provide allowances so our foster carers can take children on days out. These might just be purely for fun, or to assist with school project work – either way, such visits are a great way to make children feel part of a family. We run annual Awards for both our foster carers as well as our foster children: these often feature school projects as we like to help our foster carers support and celebrate educational success.

There are some really great places to visit that will delight and inspire in Wiltshire. Just a few places to consider Longleat Safari & Adventure Park, Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site, Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, Cheddar Gorge and Bush Farm Bison Centre.

Britain today is a diverse society. It is made up of people from many different cultures and faiths. This means we have children and young people looking for homes who are from many different backgrounds. We look to find carers who can provide the best match and there can be many different considerations. Children can, for example, require special dietary needs to be met; they may need to observe particular religious ceremonies or festivals – in such instances, carers need to provide support.

Children and young people coming into care have often had disrupted lives. Their behaviour can often be challenging. We train all our foster carers to be emotionally resilient and have strategies in place to deal with difficult behaviour. In nearly all cases, when a child/young person feels they are in a caring stable environment where boundaries are in place, behaviour improves quickly and dramatically.

If you feel you have the desire to make a real difference to a child’s life and give them a future they might not even be able to imagine yet, please get in touch with us. Fostering is all about giving time and we are more than happy to give our time to help you decide if fostering is for you.

Call now 0330 311 2845 or 020 8427 3355