Fostering: questions and answers

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December 15, 2016
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Fostering: questions and answers

An occasional piece where we provide answers to some of the more frequently asked questions that those fostering children have. It is unfortunate, but allegations are made and a recurring question is “I have received an allegation and have been informed that I will be going to panel”. And then “What does this  mean for me?” It is viewed as being good professional practice for any fostering agency to immediately inform their panel of any allegation that arises. When you are asked to attend panel you should be informed of the outcome of the inquiry into the allegation. You should then be told what your fostering service provider will be recommending as far as ongoing suitability is concerned.

Attendance is not made compulsory by most foster agencies – however, it is a good idea to attend as this will in most cases, provide the panel with a more balanced view. If you decide not to attend panel, your fostering agency will invite you to provide a response in writing to the allegation. Most panels will welcome your submission. Each fostering agency/service provider will have a policy stating the time frame in which a written submission has to be made. this gives them the chance to make a check and discuss things with you ahead of the panel date.

Fostering and allegations: the support you can expect

Agencies will differ, but all will have a policy outlining the face to face support a carer can expect through the procedure of an allegation being investigated. This can mean support at the actual panel meetings. Often this is not necessary – every case is different and where there is a positive outcome for the foster carer(s) the recommendation from the fostering agency will simply be that tour suitability to foster will continue.

Following an allegation, there may be some concerns that have been raised – again every case is different. If this does happen, then the fostering agency/service provider should put these in writing to you. This should also include the outcome of the allegation, together with actions to be taken  and decisions reached.  You should always ask for the outcome of any allegation to be sent to you in writing.

The panel recommendations and how these can affect your fostering situation

Following an allegation, the panel can make recommendations in one of the three areas:

That you are not re-approved as a foster carer

That you are re-approved as a foster carer either with the current terms of approval  being allowed to remain the same; or where terms of approval are changing; for example the age range, or number of children you are allowed to foster

It may be that any decision is deferred for a set period of time: usually this happens when more information may be needed for reassessment, or it might be a need for further training has been identified. 

Finally, following the recommendation that the panel has made as a result of the investigations, the final decision will be made by the Agency Decision maker (ADM). This decision should then be communicated to you in writing within a maximum of 7 days following the final minutes from the panel.

Thinking of caring for

Fostering and dealing with allegations

Fostering and allegations

 children: explore ‘Rainbow Rewards’

Remember, Rainbow fostering pay a bonus if you refer someone of £500: you’ll receive the money from us once your referral has been approved – with the first placement being accepted. Foster carers transferring across to the Rainbow Fostering network, may also qualify for a bonus from our ‘Rainbow Rewards’ scheme. Once approved for Rainbow fostering, this will be a payment made for carers already having youngsters placed with them on a long-term basis. Our specialist fostering recruitment team is available on 020 8427 3355 if you need any further information or clarification: For an introduction to fostering generally, visit

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