Islamic guidance now available for foster carers

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July 11, 2018
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Islamic guidance now available for foster carers

More Muslim foster carers needed

The need for Muslim foster carers

At this moment in time, there are growing numbers of Muslim children entering the foster care system. The Penny Appeal is a charity with a simple approach: they take small change to make a significant difference with it! The goal: to make charitable giving affordable and rewardable, and thereby transform lives. The charity was set up in  2009 to provide aid relief across Asia, the Middle East and Africa originally by offering water solutions, organising mass feedings and supporting orphan care.

Foster care guide now available.

The adoption and foster care team at Penny Appeal have been involved in a collaboration with over 60 Islamic scholars from across the country in order to make guidance available for foster care. The intention is to highlight the Muslim faith’s position in relation to the provision of foster care – as well as adoption. The issues that have been covered are:

  1. The preservation of a foster child’s identity.
  2. The emphasis placed on caring for orphans by Islam.
  3. Cross religious foster placements.
  4. The management of familial relationships with a child or young person that is not a biological relative.

The broader aim is to increase awareness of the specific needs of Muslim foster children by connecting with the Muslim community. The plan is to run community engagement events and conferences. The guidance, which will have been approved by scholars, will be distributed at these events.

Funding for the Muslim foster care and adoption initiative.

This initiative is largely funded by the DfE (Department for education). Applications will be processed from wherever in England they come. Initially, much of the work will be focused on the Midlands area.

The media will be used to support the foster care initiative.

There should be no lack of awareness as there is a twelve part television series ‘My Muslim Fostering Family’. This was produced by British Muslim TV (Sky 845). The consultant for the show was Tay Jiva – the Penny Appeal Adoption and Fostering Manager. A different aspect of foster care will be covered in each episode: ‘caring for teenagers’, ‘caring for children and young people of other faiths’ as well as an episode addressing ‘what Islam says about foster care’. Interviews with care experienced adults, social workers and carers will feature – as will contributions from two of the largest fostering organisations, The Fostering Network and CoramBAAF.

Penny Appeal will also offer Islamic guidance on other topics such as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT).

Be part of Team Rainbow.

At Rainbow Fostering, we have Muslim  carers and they do amazing work…we would certainly like to recruit many more people from the Muslim community. We also need carers from all sorts of backgrounds: families, with or without children, single people, couples; married or living together and same sex couples.

Providing care can be challenging, but it can also be FUN! We provide training and the chance to build a career in therapeutic foster care. Support is always at hand 24/7. If you like children, want to do something incredibly worthwhile and would benefit from being able to work in a flexible way, call 020 8427 3355 today.

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