Medical Checks

Your own GP will need to complete a full medical which we pay for. This is a legal requirement for all applicants. If you have been seen, or are being seen by a consultant, we will ask for a consultant’s report. The reason why a medical is necessary is so we can check you are fit and able to look after a child or young person. Many medical conditions such as diabetes or asthma would not prevent you from becoming a foster carer; again, it is necessary for you to be healthy and able to deal with the emotional and physical demands fostering can present.

The medical check will cover areas such as your health background, lifestyle and general family medical history. It will include a physical examination. Lifestyle will also touch upon your alcohol consumption and whether you smoke. Children aged under five, or children of any age suffering from a respiratory condition such as asthma should not be placed in a smoking household.

Being disabled will not necessarily prevent you from being considered to foster. We recognise that adults with disabilities may have a unique perception and be sensitive to the challenges children in care confront – particularly if they have a disability or special needs.