Our Policy


The drive to improve standards in foster care is reflected in the Care Standards Act 2000 and the National Minimum Standards. We recognise that minimum standards are not best practice. They however offer the potential for agencies like our own to provide an acceptable standard of care and services to vulnerable children and young people. We ask foster parents to work in partnership with us to promote the needs of vulnerable children and young people.

All of our policies and procedures will be linked to the Care Standards Act (2000) and the National Minimum Standards in Foster Care. Rainbow Fostering intends to implement this legislation across all agency activities. Regulation 3 (1) of the Care Standards Act 2000 and Standard 1 of the National Minimum Standards for Fostering require all fostering agencies to clearly set out information about the scope of their services. The Standards are a benchmark against which our practice will be delivered and measured.


Rainbow Fostering is an equal opportunities employer and these values are integrated into all aspects of its services and work with local authorities. Our equal opportunities policies are implemented by promoting diversity, by valuing people and respecting their rights as individuals. Our aim is to ensure that children and young people have access to equitable services that are geared to meet their needs and by taking positive actions to enable them to reach their full potential and allow their voices to be heard. We are committed to working in partnership with local authorities and other individuals to provide a service that is free of oppression and discrimination. Every member of staff and foster carers working for Rainbow are required to implement this policy in all aspects of their work.


Rainbow Fostering Services has complaints procedures and the guidelines are clearly described in the foster carer’s handbook and a complaints leaflet. The complaints leaflet describes the procedures we have put in place for dealing with complaints. It indicates the types of actions that will follow if a complaint is made.

In addition we have devised a ‘Whistle Blowing’ Policy, which is designed to give staff and foster parents freedom to expose any area of bad practice to a delegated individual within the agency.