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December 13, 2017
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December 21, 2017
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Foster therapeutic care skills 2

Children and young people who require therapeutic foster care will have suffered neglect or trauma in their past. This causes them to have issues that impact on their everyday life. Therapeutic foster carers provide children with the support to overcome these issues. These can be behavioural, emotional or physical. The goal is to improve the child or young person’s well being, raise their confidence levels and self-esteem. Providing a loving family environment can help them recover from their past experiences and help them feel they have a future.

Could you become a therapeutic foster carer?

This type of foster care is challenging and therefore all the more rewarding when you successfully turn a young life around. You should have experience of working with children and young people – as well as being able to offer a loving family environment. You must have empathy, commitment and emotional resilience – these are the qualities needed by therapeutic foster carers.

Skills required for therapeutic foster care.

Again, therapeutic foster carers will have prior experience of caring or working with youngsters. The range of professional backgrounds that therapeutic foster carers come from is wide. These include, for example, education, care work, social work and the police.

Anyone can make a success of this kind of care if they have the confidence of having worked with children and young people. Therapeutic carers must provide consistent care. Children who have experienced trauma need to be able to trust in the person that is caring for them. Looking after children with such complex needs is actually a team effort which is why we provide round the clock help: we are always there 365 days a year. The support packages we create are tailored to each situation as no two cases are alike. We create a personalised care plan for every child. This is developed with the help and expertise of a range of professionals. This can include educational specialists – as well as clinical psychologists.

The training of therapeutic carers.

As a carer you will be given high quality training that specifically addresses the needs of the child you are caring for. We recognise that such training has helped our carers to develop skills and build their own expertise. A therapeutic carer sits at the heart of a team and plays a key role in assisting a child to build a brighter future.

Be an essential part of a team that works to help children and young people turn their lives around.

Meet the challenge and foster a child or young person in 2018
We also need people interested in offering foster homes to teenagers, sibling groups or for parent and child placements. We provide specialist support and training to cover these categories. There is also specialist training for people who want to focus on therapeutic foster care. If you have any further questions on therapeutic foster care training online, therapeutic foster care uk, training for therapeutic foster care – call us today on 020 8427 3355. We can arrange a home visit to meet with you and discuss this specialised area of

Training for therapeutic foster carers

Therapeutic foster carers needed

care in more detail so you can be sure you are making the right decision.

For therapeutic care training, we welcome applications from people experienced in working with children. And this is regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or cultural background. You can also write to us at Rainbow Fostering Services Ltd, 10 Churchill Court, 58 Station Road, North Harrow, London HA2 7SA

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