Thinking of a new foster agency?

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April 20, 2017
Fostering and the importance of placement stability
April 28, 2017
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Thinking of a new foster agency?

If you are already an approved foster carer perhaps you have visited our web site with the idea of moving to another fostering agency. We are one of the leading independent fostering agencies, and we would be delighted to hear from you as you have the right to move to another fostering agency. It can be a big decision to decide to transfer to another agency: we put all our effort into reducing the understandable anxiety that accompanies such a decision.

Foster with confidence.
At Rainbow we are proud of the fact that a significant number of our foster carers have been with us for many years: a fact which speaks for itself. We also champion and support the work of our carers as we are aware that 14% of foster carers leave the profession each year. Research has shown that many people stop fostering as they feel their ‘voice’ is not heard with the same weight as those of other professionals involved in foster care provision. So our ethos at Rainbow is rooted in the idea that foster carers are one of the country’s most valuable resources. We want our carers to really feel that they can benefit, both in terms of their financial security and personal and professional development.

So if you feel that you are not currently getting the service, or the support you need, you can contact us for a confidential discussion about transferring your approval to Rainbow. We are now in our eighteenth year – our foster care teams have a wealth of experience and take great pride in our very distinctive ‘Rainbow Culture’. At its heart, this has a passion and vision for achieving the very best outcomes for the foster carers and children/young people we work with. We have some amazing carers providing the best in foster care for children. Again, they are able to do this as we provide outstanding levels of support, guidance and training aimed at taking care of our carers. This means they can look after our children and young people – many of whom have had difficult and emotionally challenging experiences.

At Rainbow Fostering, we adhere to The Fostering Network’s Transfer Protocol set out as follows:

“The protocol recognises the principles of child care legislation and seeks to ensure that safeguarding the welfare of children is at the core of fostering policy and practice. It recognises that the welfare of any child in placement is paramount. Foster carers have the right to freedom of movement between fostering services.”

Should you wish to have more information, simply click on the link below for full details of the Transfer Protocol

Work with a new foster agency

Thinking of transferring to a new foster agency

We trust that your main concern will be for the children and young people you have in your care. It is common for agreement to be reached so that they are able to transfer with you. Rainbow will seek to maintain the existing terms of the placement between you and the local authority. Our aim will then be to make the transition as smooth as possible so that you are in receipt of the same services, payment and expense allowances attaching to your placement. If you currently do not have any children or young people in placement, then the process will be even more straightforward.

And the good news at the end of this fostering Rainbow…birthday celebrations in the offing for Jenny – one of our amazing Supervising Social Workers – Happy Birthday!

Our fostering ‘Rewards’ bonus scheme explained.
Rainbow Fostering agency will pay a bonus of £500 should you be fostering and are in a position to refer someone new to become a foster carer with us. Once your referral has been approved and the first placement has been made, you will receive payment. Should you already be an approved foster carer and have a long term placement, it is easy to transfer to Rainbow and you will receive a bonus. Rainbow also advise on a whole range of fostering issues such as foster carer pay: how long does it take to become a foster carer? Or even what is fostering? We are happy to provide information on how much do private fostering agencies pay? As well as the fostering allowance that you will receive.

If you are a foster carer, remember to read our news section about fostering.
Remember to look in on our special news section on the web site. There are many interesting articles to absorb if you have an interest in fostering children. Just visit

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