Transfer to Rainbow

Transfer to Rainbow and join our dedicated community of foster carers. The process is simple and straightforward: we manage each stage of the the process efficiently on your behalf. Take advantage of our general fostering courses - as well as our advanced training in therapeutic foster care.
Discover how we make fostering simple, straightforward and rewarding. We operate a bonus scheme for carers transferring to us. Please call and speak with our recruitment team for full details.

You can start the process of transferring today!

If you are already an approved foster carer, perhaps you have visited our web site with the idea of moving to another fostering agency. Rainbow are one of the leading independent fostering agencies and we would be delighted to hear from you as you have the right to move to another agency.

At Rainbow we are proud of the fact that a lot of our carers have been with us for many years - which speaks for itself! If you feel you are not currently getting the service, or support you need, simply contact us for a confidential discussion about transferring your approval to Rainbow. We are in our eighteenth year and our foster care teams have a wealth of experience.

We have a very distinctive and welcoming ‘community culture This has at its heart a passion for achieving the very best outcomes for the carers and children/young people we work with. We have some amazing carers providing the very best in foster care for children. They can do this because we provide outstanding levels of support, guidance and training - all aimed at taking care of our carers. This enables them to take look after the children and young people in their care - so many of whom have had emotionally challenging experiences

For more information

Should you wish for more information simply click on the link below for full details of the Transfer Protocol

We trust that your main concern will be for the children and young people you have in your care. It is usual for agreement to be reached so that they can transfer with you: we will seek to maintain the existing terms of the placement between you and the local authority. Our aim will be to make the transition as smooth as possible so that you are in receipt of the same services, payment and expense allowances attaching to your placement. If you currently do not have any children or young people in placement, the process will be even easier.

Call now 0330 311 2845 or 020 8427 3355