Youth participation

At Rainbow we have a dedicated Youth Participation service. Our YP officer works with foster carers helping them to support the ambitions of the children and young people they care for. This is focused on helping to monitor their educational progress , as well as their social and personal development.
A large part of our YP service involves the planning of a wide variety of trips and activities throughout the year. These are designed to encourage active participation through social integration. Childhood is a very special time for all children so much effort is taken to ensure there is plenty of fun as well as learning.

Education and opportunity

One thing is for sure and that is children and young people have plenty of energy. Fortunately, so too, does our youth participation team. There is plenty of drive, passion and commitment in the work done to facilitate real change in the lives and prospects of our young people.

There is nothing more important than helping foster children with their education. This is because many of them have experienced setbacks with their schooling - through no fault of their own. Our YP Officer works hard to be an advocate for a child or young person should the need arise. A considerable effort is maintained to engage with our foster children to make sure they are motivated to succeed.

The team play an important part in adding to the overall support that our foster carers can depend on. Carers are encouraged to actively participate in many of the activities.

Activities and awards

TIt is a fact that a great many youngsters are not active enough. Levels of childhood obesity are rising meaning many children may be prone to a range of health problems in adult life. Every year our YP team make a careful selection of varied activities aimed to get our youngsters fit and healthy.

TThey also make sure that there are trips to stimulate learning and which can provide a rich source of project work. We also run activities such as art and music workshops from our offices and other locations.

TThe team play a key role in working to make our ‘Annual Children’s Awards’ a real highlight. Making sure that the achievements and hard work of our foster children are recognised is especially important: fostering a sense of success helps them to be ambitious to succeed in life.

Diary of events 2018

This year we are hoping that our foster carers will participate in as many of the activities as possible.

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