2015 Foster Carer Awards…a great success!

Rewards and Awards…a great success!
November 27, 2015
Go to the top of the class…both Carers and their Foster Children!
December 11, 2015
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2015 Foster Carer Awards…a great success!

foster carer awards

Last Sunday we celebrated the hard work, diligence and passion of our Rainbow Foster Carers. The Awards Evening was held at the Runnymede on Thames Hotel which provided a sumptuous setting for the event. As one of the leading foster care agencies, Rainbow distinguishes itself by making  a very special effort each year to mark the achievements of our carers. It is a great opportunity to bring everyone together to swap stories, as well as to celebrate the fantastic efforts made by all.

Rainbow’s director, Aijaz Ahmad presented the Awards paying tribute to the resilience, professionalism and emotional stamina of our award winners. With a national shortage of foster carers running at over 9,000 and 1,020 needed in London alone; this evening was all about recognising what very special people our Rainbow foster carers are and the contribution they are making, not just to their children and young people, but to society as a whole.

The most moving moments of the evening were when a full minutes applause commenced, led by Clive Ellington (pictured above) to mark the passing of Clifton Jackson. Clifton was one of Rainbow’s most dedicated foster carers and made such a tremendous difference to the lives of all who knew him.

One of the biggest rounds of applause went to Clive Ellington on the announcement of his promotion to Assistant Manager. Clive will be known to all our carers who know they can depend on his good humoured professionalism and willingness to provide support at all times.

With the evening’s more formal proceedings out of the way, there was music and dancing to work off the evenings calorific intake. Music to suit all tastes and energy levels meant that by the time the evening had concluded, everyone was ready to turn in – some perhaps waking up next morning with sore feet!

Are you considering becoming a foster carer? Do you know someone who would like to work for one of the leading independent foster care agencies. Contact Rainbow Fostering and become part of a community dedicated to improving the life chances of children and young people needing stable loving homes.

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