About us

Rainbow are a very special agency. We pride ourselves on putting safeguarding vulnerable children at the heart of all we do. Our team of dedicated professionals does this and much more besides. Their commitment to our foster carers and children is second to none. The support you get from Rainbow is unique : we consider ourselves to be one big ‘family’ always caring for each other 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Our training is always interesting and conducted in a friendly nurturing environment - with no exams. It gives our carers the skills and confidence to help the youngsters in their care to thrive.
We are independent and totally committed to supporting our carers to develop their fostering careers.

Our Objectives

Rainbow aim to recruit, assess and approve people for fostering, whatever their ethnicity, who want to offer a home to children in the care of the local authority. We work hard to welcome people of different ethnicities into fostering.They are able to offer a unique and appropriately matched setting for children from different cultural backgrounds.Rainbow provide services geared to enhancing the life chances and opportunities of our children and young people. We achieve this through working in partnership with local authorities, parents, carers, the children themselves - together with other social care professionals.

Some young people come into care with serious problems due to abuse and neglect.

Children and young people who have had traumatic experiences can make considerable demands.The training, support and guidance We provide, enables our foster carers to deal with challenging behaviour. Our training is always interesting and conducted in a friendly, nurturing environment - with no exams. It gives our carers the skills and confidence to help the youngsters in their care to thrive.This equips them to be professional in their approach, and develop their fostering careers to reap the rewards of transforming children’s lives and prospects.

Our Philosophy

We celebrated a very special anniversary in 2016. For eighteen years, we have carried out our founders aim to always support our foster carers in the best way possible. This was, and remains, the pre-requisite for success.

The kind of support we provide means we have many carers who have been with us for over ten years. That tells its own story. Our carers are special people: every day they provide security and hope for children from all kinds of backgrounds.

The law states that a foster carer may only be approved to foster with one agency, or local authority. So choosing the right agency is crucial . We never forget you have a choice and our responsibility is to be the right choice for you.It may help you to know that our knowledge and expertise exists to provide a bright future for each ‘Rainbow’ child and foster carer. This is our passion…join us!

Our Team

We benefit from having highly experienced managers, supervising social workers and specialist recruitment advisors - all with many years experience. They are highly motivated to do their best for our children and foster carers. Everyone at Rainbow is inspired by the progress they can see being made by carers and children alike. And they are proud to be a part of it.

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