Foster care assessments and social distancing requirements

Foster care and the lockdown
Foster care providers must monitor the effects of lockdown
May 4, 2020
Foster care and the assessment experience
Foster care and being assessed as a single mum
May 12, 2020
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Foster care assessments and social distancing requirements

Foster care and online assessments

Foster care online assessments

As a consequence of the recent government social distancing instructions, Rainbow Fostering has adjusted its recruitment and assessment processes. This is to ensure we can continue to recruit new fostering families. In these uncertain times, we can be certain of one thing which is many vulnerable children remain in need of high-quality foster care. 

We can assure anyone with an interest in fostering that our process for recruiting and assessing new carers remains as active and efficient as ever. We are continuing to guide and support applicants who want to foster children in need of a stable and loving family home. You will have regular contact both from a social worker assigned to you, and a member of our administrative support team. 

Foster care assessment. 

Because we cannot visit you as we normally would, we have developed a system to ensure your fostering assessment can proceed. This will be from your initial enquiry, your first conversation with your Supervising Social Worker to the day of your Fostering Panel. 

As we are living through unprecedented circumstances, the government has temporarily amended some of the usual processes required to become a foster carer. This is because the pandemic may result in the need for even more foster homes for vulnerable children. 

Whether you have been considering fostering for some time or have only recently been attracted by the idea, we would be delighted to hear from you. You are assured of a welcoming, friendly and supportive service. We will give you the best preparation for the challenges and rewards of caring for a child. You will be given plenty of opportunities to build your fostering knowledge and skills so you can provide great foster placements for children.

We never stop enjoying making a vital difference to the lives of vulnerable children and young people. Every day we work with carers who are achieving things they never thought possible when they first joined us. Being rated ‘Outstanding in all areas’ by Ofsted is the sign of our unswerving commitment to our foster carers and the children they strive for. It is our hope to be able to offer you a long and successful fostering career with us. For more information about Ofsted visit –

The next step in your fostering journey.

You can call us on 020 8427 3355. We also have a National Line 0330 311 2845 you can use. 

Alternatively, you can leave your contact details on our website and tell us the best time for us to contact you. We will send you information explaining how easily we can manage your application online. You can call us to discuss any aspect of this – we’ll be more than happy to explain and guide you. 

People who have been considering fostering often have friends or acquaintances who are interested. We would be delighted if you could bring us to their attention as there is a shortfall of over 8,000 foster families in the UK. 

Rainbow is recruiting carers in Hampshire, London, Birmingham and Manchester.

For up-to-date information on the coronavirus pandemic and how to stay safe, save lives and protect the NHS visit – We would recommend any applicant to visit the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page on our website to be found at

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