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October 20, 2017
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Foster care – building knowledge 1

Introducing a blog series that serves to recommend books/and or articles that will have the effect of helping foster carers build their knowledge of fostering. Every child is indeed different – a well known mantra – but there are techniques and approaches that can be of universal value.

The leading charity, The Fostering Network, produces a range of informative literature and ‘Safer Caring – A New Approach’ by Jacky Slade, is a book based upon consultations with foster carers as well as professionals engaged in fostering services. The book is backed up by current legislation, as well as being grounded in theory. ‘Safer Caring’ throws down something of a challenge in that it challenges foster carers along with children’s services to share the responsibility for safer caring and, most significantly, to make a move away from prohibitive policies and blanket bans. The book clearly argues that the focus should be on the ever changing circumstances and requirements of children and young persons.

A book to capture the interest of all foster carers

This will be a book that will capture the interest to all those who have an interest in, or work with youngsters – especially foster carers – so it has been written with them, and their induction period in mind.

‘Safer Caring – A New Approach’ also covers the difficulties and challenges of caring for children in the digital age. It has a special chapter written by Sangeet Bhullar and Maria Boffey. The increasing dangers of social media alone, are ever present because of the ways that it gives children and young people unprecedented access to the world around them. Whilst a lot of emphasis is placed on starting out in foster care, the book is required reading for experience foster carers looking to build their expertise and understanding.

‘Safer Caring – A New Approach’ has three significant and connected themes within it: the first is an examination of the role and status of foster carers, and how the way they are positioned in the ‘team around the child’ is relevant regarding safer caring; the second – being ‘risk sensible and not risk averse’ which encourages the need for a considered and proportionate approach to evaluating risk, so children and young people can learn and develop; the third – managing delegated authority: where appropriate examining how foster carers can assess and make the everyday decisions needed for children and young people.

Thinking of becoming a foster carer?

Being a carer means caring for a child or young person who can’t be looked after by their parents. Over 7,000 new foster families are needed: we welcome all applicants regardless of their religion, ethnicity or cultural background. We also welcome applications to foster from members of the LGBT community. To foster a child or young person you must have a spare room for their use. Call us today on 020 8427 3355 or on our national phone line 0330 311 2845

‘Rainbow Rewards’

Special bonus of £500 by referring someone who becomes an approved carer with us. The money will be paid once your referral has received their very first placement. Existing carers should consider that if you are thinking of transferring and fostering with a new agency, you may also be entitled to a special ‘reward’ payment (this payment will only be made for foster carers who are currently caring a child(ren) on a long-term basis.)

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Foster care and building experience

Foster care and building knowledge

And the good news at the end of this rainbow…more birthdays this week to celebrate – Happy Birthday to our ‘Birthday Children’!

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