Foster care for teenagers requires some simple rules 1

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Foster care for teenagers requires some simple rules 1

Foster care for teenagers 1

Foster care and looking after teenagers 1

Foster carers need to keep some simple rules in mind in relation to fostering teenagers. These placements can be challenging but they can also be highly rewarding. How you behave as a foster carer in managing the relationship will be fundamental to securing a positive outcome. Trust is a cornerstone: unless a teen has given you a specific reason or reasons for you not to trust them, then you should. And it is also important not to overreact. They may make mistakes along the way which is a natural part of growing up. It’s with remembering that we all make mistakes – adults included – so it’s important to have realistic expectations. Trust and privacy are linked. Respect a young person’s privacy which can be accomplished by getting them to respect yours. And respect their space which means knocking on their door before entering. It can be hard for foster carers as there are many risks for teenagers to contend with – especially posed by social media. Difficult as it may sometimes be – especially if you have concerns – resist listening in on their conversations, searching their room or trying to read their emails and texts, or quiz them too closely. This does not apply if you have serious worries about the teenager in your care. In these circumstances, discuss your anxieties with your social worker. This is not an easy judgment for foster carers which is why it’s important to share your concerns. 

Managing the relationship. 

Foster carers will benefit by realizing they are managing a relationship that can change almost on a daily basis. This is because teenagers are affected by their hormones tied to their earth for identity. As adults, it can be easy to forget how difficult this can be. Teenagers can be provocative – sometimes deliberately so because they are pushing boundaries. One of the most effective strategies for a foster carer to adopt is to make sure they are ‘listen’. And that means active listening – appreciated in the mind of a teenager – by a carers interested participation. It is never a good idea to humour a teenager. Listening and communication are key to managing the relationship productively. Remember teenagers can be prone to exaggeration to create an effect. This can blur the boundary between what is true and what might only be partially true. It’s also common for teenagers to have many different views – some are thought through whilst others are not. This is also natural as teenagers frequently use adults as a sounding board. Timing is important: appreciate it’s natural for teenagers to be withdrawn and uncommunicative. Foster carers need to recognize these moods swings and adapt their own responses. Remember, a teenager will communicate when they are in the mood and not before. 

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