Foster carers and activities for children this summer 2

Foster care outings this summer 1
How foster carers can keep children entertained this summer 1
July 9, 2021
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Foster carers and activities for children this summer 2

Foster care outings this summer 2

Foster care summer holiday fun 2

Foster carers can, hopefully, look forward to this summer and the probable easing of restrictions.  And anyone who is fostering can benefit from finding out about this year’s campaign ‘Summer of Play’ on social media. This emphasizes just how important it is for children to spend time playing outdoors. This is good for both their physical and mental well-being. And with warmer days in prospect, outdoor play is something foster carers and children can look forward to. School days tend to be highly structured. Playing outside offers the chance for unstructured play. This is important for very young children as it helps them develop social skills through interaction with others. An important thing for foster carers to remember is that adults should not get too involved in children’s outdoor play. Unstructured ‘free’ play gives young children the opportunity to inhabit imaginary worlds of their own invention. 

Getting out and about this summer!

Continuing our series looking at fun and informative things for foster parents and their children, there is a huge choice wherever you are living in the country. Many of these activities are free and many offer concessions. We can all agree that the pandemic has brought widespread and unwelcome change during 2020. The way we’ve been forced to live our lives has been transformed – and that’s us ‘grownups’. We can only imagine how difficult it has been for children and young people. This summer we all need to put the lockdowns behind us and embrace what’s out there to enjoy.

Celebrating our support groups.

It’s been massively encouraging to see so many of our foster carers at our support groups. They have proved to be a fund of shared knowledge, ideas and experiences. These are planned to continue, so we look forward to our foster carers sharing their experiences – the activities you enjoyed and which ‘days out’ were memorable. We’d like to encourage our foster carers to get their children to tell us what has made their summer special.

The plan is to feature some of what our foster children have had fun doing this summer in our end-of-year newsletter. In it, there will be a competition based on their descriptions of what was the most fun.

Remember, Wherever your foster family lives you will be near a city, the countryside, or the seaside. So there will be a wide variety of things to do. And not before time! With schools having been closed for so long and children being unable to see friends and relatives children have had a tough year.

What’s on in London.

That capital city, of course, just has a million and one things to do for foster families. And here’s a hundred and one to be going on with! And to ‘whet the appetite’ as promised some information about the venues. We recommend when planning a trip you check their website for details of any restrictions, special instructions, or concessions that you and your foster family could qualify for. How about a trip to:

This is one of the most famous of London’s attractions. It has a captivating history and has been delighting families for decades. If your foster children are interested in history, Tussauds enables them to ‘meet’ some of the most famous (and infamous) people who have lived. The attraction’s own history is fascinating: Marie Tussaud was a pioneering woman for her time. Ambitious and talented she lived through the dangerous days of the French Revolution. Undeterred, she drove her vision forward and now her legacy is being continued with more than twenty attractions bearing her name around the world. Foster families who visit should look out for the chance to learn how the waxworks are made as each stage – starting with a sitting and ending with a finished figure – is explained.  

We’ll soon be making a few suggestions for foster families to think about in Birmingham, Manchester, and elsewhere.

A bright new fostering career with Rainbow

Rainbow – rated ‘Outstanding in all areas’ by Ofsted – is a family-led independent fostering agency driven by the desire to change the lives of children and young people Right now we are looking for new and existing foster carers in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Hampshire, Luton, and Milton Keynes to join us. And Rainbow is interested in people from all walks of life – people who may be married, single, in a relationship, divorced, LGBTQ+  and either own or rent their home.

Anyone considering fostering must have at least one spare bedroom for a child. We recruit carers from all ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds. This means we can offer the widest choice of placement settings for children and young people. We can promise: 

  • excellent rates of pay and rewards £20k – £30k plus depending on foster care training and experience;
  • access to local and national support groups;
  • dedicated social worker and support staff;
  • 24/7 support

The next step.

Simply call 0330 311 2845 to talk with a member of our expert recruitment team. You might also like to visit our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions Page) in advance. This has all the most common questions Rainbow are asked about fostering. It is located at:

Transferring from fostering agencies.

We have been rated ‘Outstanding in all areas’ by Ofsted and would like to talk to experienced foster carers who might be considering transferring. At Rainbow Fostering, we make the process easy and efficient – all our applicants benefit from our high professional standards. 

Social media

We have a dedicated team running our social media pages ready to answer any questions you have. Leave us a comment or message on our Facebook or Twitter and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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