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April 20, 2018
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April 24, 2018
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Rainbow foster interest at Muslim Lifestyle Show

This weekend saw Rainbow fostering working hard to get the message out that more Muslim foster carers are urgently needed. And, we would like to record a big thank you to all who attended our stand and took a lively interest in what we had to say. It’s also great news that we took a significant number of enquiries over the two day event from people who are now giving serious thought to fostering. What was particularly heartening, was that many who were not in a position to foster themselves, listened attentively to our message and promised to pass it on to friends and relatives.

And now for the Show itself: it was hugely satisfying to be a part of such vibrant and colourful occasion. There was just so much on display to inform and entertain – covering a whole raft of widely differing pursuits, interests and activities. Modest Fashion Live created a spectacular ‘buzz’ showcasing the work of some inspirational designers, including AIDIJUMA, AAB and INNAYAH – for a taste of the style and glamour enjoyed by all, visit – https://www.facebook.com/muslimlifestyleshow/videos/665435047121464/

and also visit https://bit.ly/2HFJgvU to get an impression of the atmosphere over the two days.

This was a weekend event where everything was covered from finance, fashion and fun right through to food. Many personal horizons were broadened – and a series of unmissable seminars guaranteed everyone had the opportunity to learn something new. And, from Rainbow, people learnt about the world of fostering and the opportunities it offers! We had many opportunities to engage with people who were interested to learn about some of the challenges we face: especially society’s need to recruit more Muslim foster carers to make a vital difference to vulnerable Muslim children.

It was encouraging that people were interested to talk more generally about foster care. It became clear that many – and this is likely to be a reflection across society as a whole – were unaware of the pressing need to find more foster carers. There was also interest to find out more about the kinds of people who become foster carers, as well as how fostering affects their lives. This confirmed a strongly held view we have held that the recent Fostering Stocktake should; in its recommendations, have pressed hard for a nationwide public awareness campaign to reach out to all communities. And a key message such a campaign should convey became apparent in many of the conversations we had at the Show. This is that, as a foster carer, you can literally transform the life of a child or young person. It is about so much more than merely putting a roof over a youngsters head: it is about becoming a support and inspiration. Someone able to do this, can create a life of hope and opportunity for a child. How many of us can ever say that we have accomplished such a feat? And for many foster carers they have made this possible for dozens of children and young people.

Foster Muslim children with Rainbow

At Rainbow we have provided training and support for many people from the Muslim community. Because of the international situation – conflict in Syria as well as instability in the Middle East, there are increasing numbers of Muslim children entering the UK care system. For this reason, we offer the training and support to look after unaccompanied and asylum seeking children.

Many of our staff come from Muslim and ethnic minority backgrounds, enabling them to provide sensitive and knowledgeable support. We also have a growing number of Muslim foster carers, so joining Rainbow will mean being part of a welcoming and friendly community. Fostering children ids challenging, but with Rainbow we work to make it rewarding for all our foster carers.

Rainbow fostering has been established for 20 years – so our expertise is considerable. And all our directors are very much ‘hands on’ – always dedicated to providing the highest standards of support and service. And the size of our organisation means the service we provide our children and foster carers, can always be attentive and personal since we are determined to be one happy ‘Rainbow Family’.

London Muslim Lifestyle Show 2019

Rainbow would again life to thank all those we met at this year’s London Muslim Lifestyle Show. We hope to see you again next year – as well as to make some new friends – when, we are told, it will return in 2019 bigger and better than ever!

Answering your questions about foster care

Firstly, remember you must have a spare room to foster a child, but you do not need any special qualifications and there are no exams! We make the process of becoming a foster carer enjoyable and interesting. It takes usually around sixteen to eighteen weeks and can be broken down into six straightforward steps.

  • step one – you make your initial enquiry to Rainbow – either online or by phone;
  • step two – we arrange to make an initial home visit to discuss your areas of interest;
  • step three – we help you to complete an application form – as well as checking your references – during this time you attend our three day ‘Skills to Foster’ introduction to foster carer course;
  • step four – our Rainbow fostering assessment is made;
  • step five – your preparation is completed;
  • step six – you then meet with our Panel. If you are successful, a decision will be made to ‘Approve’ you to foster and then you can await your first placement from us. 

There are always a number of questions (FAQs) that we are routinely asked such as what is the fostering allowance when fostering a child? Types of fostering to consider? And foster carer requirements? Can you foster a child if you are in a same sex relationship and can you foster if you own a dog? The fostering allowance? As well as how long does it take to become a foster carer?

Remember, our website has a lot of general information about uk fostering – and we are adding to it all the time to make it as comprehensive and helpful as possible. We would welcome any feedback you might care to share with us.

Rainbow fostering – make sure you take the time to visit our news section: latest –

Age is no bar to being a foster carer

22nd April, 2018

A remarkable Basildon couple, Frances and Jack Tilley, both aged in their seventies have provided foster care for over one hundred children. And now they have decided to foster two young boys – one aged eight, the other ten. Jack Tilley said – “We have been doing it for the last 23 years and we must have taken more than 100 children into foster care in that time.”

The selfless couple have been married for over fifty one years and have (cont) http://bit.ly/2e8PrIK

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