Fostering in Birmingham

We are looking for people in Birmingham who want to develop their fostering career as part of a professional and dedicated team.

Welcome to Rainbow Fostering. Our goal is to enable disadvantaged young people to achieve their ambitions by finding them secure, stable and loving homes. As an independent agency providing foster care services, we pride ourselves on offering the best in terms of support and training. Fostering is all about making sure you can offer a child a warm, welcoming and stable home environment.

Because the behaviour of a child/young person can be challenging, we train all our foster carers to deal effectively with problem behaviour. Mostly, it is about having the confidence to set boundaries and treat the child in your care in a consistent way. We offer many different courses for our carers to enable them to build their knowledge, experience and expertise. At Rainbow Fostering we also provide round the clock back up so that our carers have the support to manage any situation that arises.

When new to foster caring, it will quickly become apparent that a very high proportion of children in care will, sadly, come from turbulent and chaotic backgrounds. They may have witnessed domestic violence, uncontrolled alcohol or drug abuse; perhaps even been the victims of abuse themselves. Often they will have had no proper structure in their lives which can mean eating at irregular times, or missing school. It can make all the difference to such a child or young person to be given a feeling of stability – from this will come a sense of security and, once this is experienced, progress usually follows. And when you are able to communicate a genuine interest in the child or young person, they are likely to respond positively as their greatest need is for a settled and stable life.

The education of any child is hugely important. Many looked after children have fallen behind, and for them, school can be a very negative experience. It can become all about exclusions and falling behind rather than providing opportunities for their future life. Foster carers play a vital role in helping a child or young person get back on track with their schooling.

Showing interest and providing support – playing an enthusiastic role in a child’s educational life – is a very effective way for a carer to communicate that they care. This can mean the occasional day out in support of an educational project, or representing a child over an issue at school that may have arisen. Please note: Rainbow Fostering pay allowances so that foster children can be taken on family outings or school visits.

Again, fostering children really does mean demonstrating full commitment to their educational life. Looked after children, unless there are special circumstances, are rarely moved away from their locality to a different school. Staying at their local school can facilitate existing contacts and friendships – and this helps with maintaining stability in their lives.

There is no shortage of fascinating places to provide ‘days out’ in the Birmingham area. At Rainbow, we like to make allowances available for visits and trips. As we have an annual awards ceremony for our foster children, it is always a delight to see the range of school projects completed by our foster children. All these can be put forward for an award and many have been inspired by a special day out: a few suggestions to consider: Cadbury World, National Sea life Centre, Warwick Castle, Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum, Thinktank Science Garden, British Motor Museum, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, The Falconry Centre, Ruskin Glass Centre and The Pen Room.

The UK is a country that is truly multi-cultural – made up of many different faiths and cultures. This means that the children and young people that we look to find homes for come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

To reflect this, we are always looking for foster carers from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds to be able to provide the best match. This is important as there may be very different considerations to be observed: children may need special dietary needs to be observed in relation to religious ceremonies or festivals.

Fostering is challenging and time consuming. It is hard work and all carers need to be trained to be emotionally resilient. But fostering can be tremendously rewarding as well as and life changing. There is need across the UK in 2016 for over 9,000 new foster families which means there are a lot of children desperate for a home that will give them stability, love and support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in finding out more about foster caring. You can call, or leave your details so we can contact you at a convenient time. We’d love to have a chat and tell you just how rewarding being a foster carer can be.

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