Fostering: ‘Skills to Foster’ initial training

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December 14, 2016
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Fostering: ‘Skills to Foster’ initial training

What you can expect from our ‘Skills to Foster’ fostering training course…

‘Skills to Foster’ is the pre-approval training course that we run at Rainbow. All fostering agencies require people interested in fostering to complete pre-approval training. Our applicants will do the course during the first few months of their application. The course lasts three days and is run at our head office in North Harrow. Please do not be concerned if you live further away, as we can arrange for the course to be run in a location near to you.

Become familiar with child fostering skills

Providing foster care is challenging, but it is also very rewarding – it offers the chance to join a community of individuals dedicated to looking after children and young people. On our ‘Skills to Foster’ training course, you will meet other applicants who will be at the same stage as you. There is always a friendly, informal atmosphere, and the feedback we get from our applicants is very positive. It is a good chance to talk with people who often have the same feelings and interest in becoming a foster carer. 

Our courses are made up of a wide range of people from varied ‘walks of life’. Individuals apply from different ethnic backgrounds interested in becoming carers – we also draw people from different age groups and types of families – we have some excellent foster carers from the LGBT community. So we take a real pride in the rich diversity of our welcoming and supportive Rainbow community.

‘Skills to Foster’ fostering topics

The course covers an interesting range of topics: children and young people are at the centre of the course. There is discussion around why children come into the care system, why fostering is needed, and then a focus is placed on how difficult life experiences may have affected children. Guidance is also provided covering areas such as understanding and caring for children; how to deal with challenging behaviour; settling a child or young person into your home; identity and life chances; safer caring and working with a foster child’s birth family. The course also goes into how to protect yourself from allegations and how foster carers work in partnership with other professionals such as social workers and placement officers. By the end of the course, you will have a good oversight regarding the different aspects of fostering: where a carer fits within the process of providing a secure, loving and stable home – one enabling a child to reach their full potential. 

Sharing fostering knowledge

We arrange to have an approved foster carer(s) available during the course. He/she/they will be on hand to answer any questions you might have – as well as share their experiences of fostering. This can be invaluable in providing insight into the challenges, rewards and realities of fostering.

As well as providing food and refreshments, we ensure there is always a friendly, supportive and relaxing atmosphere. By the end of the course you will have a good understanding of what fostering involves and whether it is the right thing for you. There is more general information available at

Fostering: introductory ‘Skills to Foster’ training

Fostering: ‘Skills to Foster’ training

Approved for fostering: explore our ‘Rainbow Rewards’

Rainbow is a fostering agency here to give all the support you need as well as reward. If you refer someone, £500 will be paid: you’ll receive the money once your referral has been approved and the first placement accepted. If you are a current foster carer, perhaps consider transferring to the Rainbow Fostering network and you may also qualify for a bonus via our ‘Rainbow Rewards’ scheme. This will be a payment, once approved, for carers who already have youngsters in placement on a long-term basis. Rainbow is an independent fostering agency striving to attract more people dedicated to child fostering. Our knowledgeable and friendly fostering recruitment team is available on 020 8427 3355 to answer your questions: or leave your contact details on our web site so we can contact you at a time convenient to you.

And the good news at the end of this particular rainbow…Our Youth Participation Officer, Richard, has recently become a father for the second time: what a lovely way to celebrate Christmas! Best wishes to Richard and his family from everyone at Rainbow

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