Fostering an unaccompanied young person can certainly be daunting - but it can be incredibly rewarding too. At Rainbow we provide close support and training to enable our carers to look after refugee children. Many of these young people have suffered significant trauma.
Fostering provides a stable family life for children and young people who are unable to remain with their own family for whatever reason.
There is an urgent need for people from all our communities to step forward and foster these desperate children.

Unaccompanied asylum-seeking children need homes

The number of refugee children has been increasing across Europe over recent years.
The UK - along with Germany, Sweden and Norway are the main destination countries. Save the Children are currently estimating that there are around 5,000 ‘unaccompanied’ children languishing in European refugee camps without having an adult responsible for their care. This is not a surprise considering some 3.5 million children are displaced within Syria. Children still inside Syria report feeling hopeless: often they have witnessed their friends and relatives being killed.

So many homes have been reduced to rubble. The infrastructure we take for granted has been destroyed meaning children are hungry, malnourished and often sick. Clean water can be both hard and dangerous to find and most hospitals lack basic equipment Many schools are no longer standing, and even if they are, just making the simple journey there can be life threatening.
These children and young people are arriving in the UK in growing numbers. Many are deeply traumatised having witnessed extreme acts of violence. Others have been brutally persecuted and are fleeing some of the most war torn parts of the world.
Refugees are arriving in desperate need of help and support. Although there has been a considerable focus on the Syrian refugee crisis, we have children form Eritrea, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan: this is a problem that dies not respect borders.
At Rainbow we are focused on attracting, training and supporting people who want to help meet this urgent and rapidly growing need. We require people from all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds to become foster carers.
People with experience of working with children that have suffered trauma, or applicants with similar linguistic or cultural backgrounds, could make a tremendous difference.

The benefits of applying to foster with Rainbow

Our Rainbow foster carers have opened their hearts and their homes to help deal with this humanitarian crisis. If you apply, you will be helping to deal with this humanitarian crisis.
We will welcome you with open arms and promise to:

  • provide you with the training to make you a confident carer,
  • assess you quickly to approve you as a foster carer,
  • guide you through the assessment process,
  • provide you with a dedicated social worker,
  • provide 24hr on call support,
  • provide you with a generous package of allowances.
  • Call now 0330 311 2845 or 020 8427 3355