The benefits of Foster Talk

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August 24, 2017
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August 24, 2017
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The benefits of Foster Talk

carers. We want them to know that they can get the best information available at a time that’s convenient for them. All our carers can now enjoy free membership of ‘Foster Talk’ which is a non profit organisation providing independent professional support and advice to carers.

If a problem arises, or information is needed quickly, the very best in support is readily available.

There are a series of added benefits to the membership  – including a public forum, as well as a members only forum. This is the chance to contribute to matters of interest to foster carers, or it enables carers simply to keep abreast of fostering issues from around the country that might be of interest.

Foster carers can benefit from up to date information

The benefits ‘Foster Talk’ offers – apart from face to face support are:

  • foster carer legal expenses insurance;
  • 24-hour Legal Advice Helpline;
  • arrest and interview assistance;
  • accountancy and tax advice;
  • 24-hour Counselling Helpline;
  • independent Financial Advice Helpline;
  • quarterly magazine;
  • thousands of high street discounts;
  • 24-hour Medical and First Aid Helpline;
  • why use FosterTalk;
  • education Advisory Service;
  • website and online forums;
  • fostering advice helpline.

A ‘Rainbow Rewards’ care bonus scheme to consider!

Rainbow Fostering are urgently trying to source new carers! We are happy to pay a bonus of £500, if you are a carer and in a position to refer someone you know to become a carer. After their first placement has been made (following your referral) we will pay you a generous bonus. If you are already an approved and experienced foster carer – with a long term foster placement, then we’ll certainly make it easy for you to transfer to us. If you transfer, you will also be eligible for a bonus. Rainbow Fostering are always happy to provide information on a whole range of different fostering topics – such as foster carer requirements, can I claim benefits if I become a carer? Are payments for care taxable? How to become a foster parent uk? Call one of our specialist advisors on 020 8427 3355 if you want to move forward into fostering.

And the good news at the end of our summer rainbow…A big thank you to all our followers on Twitter who have responded to our recent campaign.

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