At Rainbow we provide training on a whole range of subjects. Each course is designed to build your knowledge, confidence and expertise. We know this really helps build the confidence of our foster carers. Some of the subject covered include skill to foster, safe caring, child sexual exploitation, standard of care, challenging behaviour etc.
The training is delivered by experts in their individual fields. The sessions are conducted in a relaxed and friendly environment - you won’t be surprised that many long lasting friendships have been made!
For convenience, we arrange the courses to be near to where our carers live. At Rainbow we do all we can to support the professional development of our foster carers.

Introduction to training

Once we have accepted your application from you will be asked to attend our 'Skills to foster' course. The course lasts for two full days. It will be changes for you to meet our team - as well as foster carers who already work for Rainbow.

This is a pre-approval course which explores the day-to-day and practical skills that foster carers need. It also links to the Training, Support and Development Standards (TSDS) for carers. During the first six months following approval, you will be asked to completed these.

you will be training with other applicants who will also be learning all about what fostering involves.

Skills to Foster pre-approval training course

The training programme is divided up into seven sessions.                                    These are:

1. What do foster carers do?

2. Identity and life chances

3. Working with others

4. Understanding and caring for children and young people

5. Safer caring

6. Transitions

7. My family fosters

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